Six Figure Personal Trainer Check List

Just yesterday I got a private Facebook message from a trainer
in Chicago asking me for a checklist for becoming a six figure

So I thought I’d share the check list that I gave him, with you.

Here’s the deal….

Down below is a check list of “stuff”, and if you take action on
this stuff you WILL turn your personal training or boot camp
business into a profit monster.

However, in addition to the stuff below, you’re going to need
some of the intangibles… the things that separate the top
earning trainers from those who are painfully struggling.

So before I go into the actual check list of things you need to
have dialed in and implemented in your fitness business to take
it to six figures – lets first talk about the three intangible factors.

1. You’ve got to be ambitious and driven. Simply wanting to
make more money is not enough. You’ve gotta be in it for a
greater cause.

A higher level of ambition and drive is what will keep you going
when the going gets tough… AND THE GOING WILL GET TOUGH

2. You’ve got to be the type of person that takes imperfect action.

See, even in the best case scenario, nothing will ever be perfect.

The #1 factor in success is action and speed of implementation and
those who take action the fastest and most often is most likely to
be the most successful.

If you’re waiting for things to be perfect…

If you’re waiting to gather enough information first…

If you’re waiting to have enough money, enough time or for a better
economy before you take action… then you’re doomed to mediocrity.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… but someones gotta tell ya.

3. Be fearless.

Fear of success and fear of failure stop more people from achieving
their dreams than all other things combined.

Look, in business you will fail at some point. But what separates the
six figure trainers from those struggling is this little thing called

The faster that you can brush off a failure, get back to your feet, and
take action again, the greater your level of success will be.

Baouce-back-ability is a vital weapon in the entrepreneur’s arsenal.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the three BIG intangible factors outta
the way… here’s your six figure trainer check list.
1. Put EFT (monthly auto debit) to work for you. You should never,
ever have to chase down clients for payment each month.

2. Leverage yourself. You alone can’t take your business to six figures.
And even if you can, you certainly can’t sustain it. You will burn out.

Leverage yourself by hiring staff and making them the technicians and
you become the manger/entrepreneur.

3. Know and love the sales proccess. If you don’t have a systematized
fitness sales proccess then you’re most likely letting clients fall through
the cracks.

Lost sales = lost profits.

4. Be a marketer first and trainer second. IF you want to have the greatest
impact on your community and your income then you first have to know how
to market yourself and your business to others.

If you can’t attract leads and prospects into your fitness business, then you’ll
never convert them into paying clients and they’ll never get the results that
you’re capable of delivering.

5. Use a client management system of some kind to manage clients, monthly
payments, check ins, and trainer schedule. Mind Body Online, Volo, and ShapNet
are all killer platforms for managing your business.

6. Create a culture of referrals in your business. Making referral giving a
condition of doing business with you. Referrals are the best source of leads
becuase they’re cost you nothing and come pre-qualified.

7. Hire an assistant and outsource the things that you don’t like doing and the
things that don’t bring in money to your assistant.

Your focus should be on your 5% (the critical few things that drive your profits)
and your assistant should do the other 95% which are the things that gotta
get done… but not necessarily by you.

8. Relentlessly manage your time and work off lists.

9. Make sure your website does the following…

– Establishes that you are the local fitness and fat loss expert.

– Back it up with social proof (testimonials and before and after pictures)

– Moves people to your “most wanted action” which is either to become a
lead by opting into a free report or ebook or to buy your low barrier offer.

10. Lastly, be a kick ass trainers. Deliver what you promise. Bring the energy.
Do the things that your competitors won’t do and create your “legend story”.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. And be sure to get your hands on this program that gives you a step-by-step
guide to getting your fitness business to massive success.