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Fitness Information Marketing Coaching Program

Roughly twenty percent of the successful trainers that I know have a bigger vision for helping more people than just the ones they are able to reach in their community.

For those trainers, creating a online fitness info product is the next logical step to reaching the masses with their fitness and fat loss message.

You might be one of those trainers in the twenty percentile.

Over a decade ago I sold my very successful personal training businesses and followed my new passion – helping fitness trainers achieve a greater level of success in their business.

I new that the only way I was going to reach and help thousands of fitness professionals was to take my business online.

To say it was a bumpy start is an understatement.

Since then I’ve created over thirty income streams for myself, most of them being online and generating multiple seven figures…

– Info products like DVDs, membership sites, books, and manuals.

– Live events like the seminars, workshop, multiple masterminds, and private coaching days.

– Software like FitPro Newsletter, FitPro Magazine, Hitech Trainer, and Fit Clients (coming soon).

– Fit Body Boot Camp – the fastest growing fitness business franchise.

– A publishing business in multiple niche markets I’m not telling you any of this to impress you, but rather to impress upon the opportunities that YOU have online – if you have the passion and desire to reach the masses.

On September 5th I’ll be hosting a one day fitness info marketing mastermind with my friend Craig Ballantyne the man behind the Turbulence Training franchise of programs, TT Summit, 24/7 Fat Loss, and editor of Early to Rise.

Between Craig and I we’ve coached, mentored and advised many of the top producing fitness info marketing legends such as Vince DelMonte, Joel Marion, and Isabel De Los Rois, and others to massive success.

As you may know by now Craig and I also run the Sold Out 100K Fitness Info Mastermind group where we coach many of the top up and coming fitness info marketers such as…

Dr. Peter Osborne –

Shawna Kaminski –

Michael Parrella –

Rob King –

Travis Stoetzel –

Rick Keselj –

Mike Whitefield –

…just to name a few.

Here’s a fly on the wall view of the fitness info mastermind group meeting for you.

Like I was saying, on Spetember 5th Craig and I will be hosting a one day private fitness info mastermind meeting where we’re only taking on eight trainers.

Just last year, Mike Whitfield ( attended one of one day mastermind meetings.

At the time Mike has nothing more than just an idea for his info product.

Zero sales.

After that one day mastermind meeting Mike went on to create a six figure fitness info franchise for himself in less than a year.

In fact, Mike had already sold over $12,000 in sales this month alone.

And July isn’t even over yet.

The right coaching, from the right coaches makes all the difference.


fitness infomation product marketing

And if you want to be one of the eight trainers to join us in Las Vegas for a day of private mastermind where we’ll give you the entire step-by-step blueprint on how to build an online info business and create a six figure income from it in the next 12 month… then read on….

Once on board for the one day mastermind you’ll get…

– Access to Fitness Info Blueprint ($697 Value)

– Online Second Paycheck ($127 Value)

With these two products alone some people have created six figure info businesses. You’ll get them both for free so that you can build a foundation of knowledge before arriving to the mastermind meeting on September 5th.

And once at the mastermind you’ll learn and discover…

– how to create and market your fitness info product

– how to craft sales copy that converts

– how to create multiple back end products

– how to dominate a niche market

– the top traffic getting and list building strategies

– How to create a unique and original product

– how to easily create and position up sells

– how to find and form relationships with the best affiliates

– how to craft email copy that positions and converts

– how to blog for authority, creditability, traffic and conversion

– how to structure a product launch for maximum sales

And much, much more…

Plus, we’re also going to put you in the hot seat and critique your product, your marketing, and help you overcome your biggest challenges and identify your biggest profit opportunities.

You’ll get specific action steps and marching orders for YOUR product – not just general online marketing info.

Plus, Craig and I will show you whats working right now in our info marketing businesses so that you can go home and use the same strategies we’re using to get more leads, sales, and profits.

And you also get access to our list of trusted resources…

– the top SEO service
– the best web designers
– which shopping carts to use
– video editors
– graphic designers
– membership site installers
– the best online merchant accounts

Basically, you get an entire step by step blueprint to get your product up online and selling within 30 days.

Online fitness info marketing mastermind

We’ve helped many other fitness info marketers do this, and we’re going to help you do it as well.

The cost to attend this one day fitness information marketing mastermind is $1997, and right now there are only two spots remaining.

This is not hype or a scarcity play… there are truly only two spots left of the eight available, for the September 5th one day fitness info mastermind meeting.

To take one of those spots for yourself, just click here and make the payment on our secure shopping cart and we’ll contact you and send you all of the info you need,¬† and the bonus gifts.

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