Fitness Marketing Strategies to Get You Out of that Rut

Let’s be honest, sometimes fitness marketing can seem pretty repetitive. It can be frustrating trying to think of new ways to market your fitness business when it seems like you’re doing the same thing over, and over, and over again – trust me I’ve been there. I’ve been in this business for years, and even I sometimes feel like I’m in a rut and can’t think of anything new.

It’s a terribly stressful feeling and sometimes the more you think about marketing, the harder it gets to think something up. You’re going to love me though, because I’ve brainstormed up some strategies that maybe you haven’t tried before, new stuff that can get you more leads and clients. So, the next time you’re feeling stuck, give some of these a try. You can thank me later.

fitness marketing

  • Once a week, run a free session of boot camp in your community– preferably a weekend. This is a great way of finding new leads. It also offers people the opportunity to try out what you have to offer, and you the opportunity to turn the people that love you and your services into paying customers. Plus when you do something like free workouts for folks in your community, over time word gets out and people start flocking to your fitness business.
  • Call former clients and give them short term, low cost, low barrier offers to come back and try your boot camp. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!
  • Start focusing on your website/blog. Make it your goal to have it rank highly on Google so when people search up your keywords, you come up right away. People are lazy – the higher you are to the top of the list, the more hits your site will get, the lower you are on the list, the less likely people are to come across your website/blog.
  • Become a humanitarian – write and distribute press releases that somehow tie your business into local human interest stories or humanitarian issues.
  • Build an email list of local businesses, clients, prospect clients, etc., by offering free eBooks, reports, articles etc., on your website/blog.
  • Set up client referral contests once a month – your competitive clients will love the challenge and you’ll love the leads you receive!
  • Use the human billboard strategy to build a strong lead generation.

  • Make it so your clients not only love the services you provide, but they also love YOU. Never skimp out on appreciation and recognition, as these will help you build a loyal client base.
  • Make phone and email scripts for when you get inquiries from potential clients. This way, whether it is you or your sales staff dealing with these inquiries, they can sound informed and knowledgeable when answering questions. Make sure the scripts are inviting, friendly and informative.
  • Occasionally send out emails to your email list giving them low cost, low barrier offers – once again, make them an offer they can’t refuse!
  • Send out articles, recipes, reports, etc., to your email group regularly so people come to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. People are more likely to give you their business if they like the person running the business and not just the business itself.
  • Create short (4-6 minutes) videos and post them on YouTube with your keyword and website/blog in the description box of the video. Try to make your personality and love of fitness shine through so people learn to like you and understand how passionate you are about your business.
  • Network with other local business owners – make them a deal that you will promote their business to your clients if they do the same for you.
  • Buy ads on Facebook and have them redirect to a fan page with a great offer, like a free eBook, in exchange for an email address
  • Get 30-50 lead boxes in local businesses that serve your ideal market
  • Buy AdWords from Google and have them point to your blog/website
  • Tag clients on Facebook giving them appreciation. Then reach out to their friends who ‘like’ or comment on the post and offer them one or two free sessions of boot camp to try it out.
  • Become a better ‘assistant buyer’ and work on selling your services more effectively
  • Distribute door hangers to affluent homes within a 5 mile radius of your facilities offering a low cost offer with a deadline to respond to. If you haven’t already caught on to the trend, MAKE THEM AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE!
  • Instead of using door hangers, drop off postcards in the mail to affluent homes within a 5 mile radius of your facilities with similar offers as previously mentioned.

Hopefully if you’re one of those people who was ‘stuck in a rut,’ you now have a few new ideas on how to market a fitness boot camp or other fitness business. But above all know that the best fitness marketing system for your business is the constant and consistent service and results that you deliver. Our industry is built on reputation and the better you build your reputation, the easier your marketing and client getting will be.

fitness marketing