How to Sell Personal Training (the easy way)

Your clients will never get results unless you do this one thing…

What one thing would you need to do first with your clients to
give them awesome results?

Get them active?
Fix their nutrition?
Work on their mindset?


You’d need to sell personal training.

Every fitness trainer wants to know how to sell personal training.

I’m gonna tell you, because nothing happens until you make a sale.

Clients don’t get results.

You don’t make money.

Like it or not, you have to sell fitness programs.

More accurately you have to sell yourself.

Better yet, you have to sell the outcome.

Most fitness trainers I talk to think of selling as
pushing your services onto someone

or, being that pushy, slimy sales guy in the used
car dealership.

There’s another kind of selling… a way cooler way where
your clients love you for it and you feel like champ for doing

And I’m gonna tell you about it.

In our space, selling simply means a transference of feelings.

That’s how to sell personal training in a nutshell.

Back when I started working out, I was a pretty chubby
high school kid.

I started working out because I wanted to lose weight by the
end of senior year so I could ask a girl out to prom.

Well, I lost the weight – in fact I got into pretty good shape.

But I never worked up the courage to ask a girl to promo.

(insert collective “awwww…..” here)

But that last year in high school made me change my career

In stead of going to school to become a mechanic… specifically
a smog technician.

I chose personal training as my career path.

For me, working out and eating right has changed my life


I’m passionate about working out. I love taking on fitness based
challenges and I think ANYONE would be a better person if they
worked out.

So when I had to sell my personal training services it was easy
for me to just talk about my passion to the perspective client.

Basically I was transferring my feelings about exercising and eating
right to my soon to be client and I didn’t even know it.

But it worked!

Selling personal training is that simple – a transference of feelings.

However, there are a few other variables that make selling
personal training and fitness programs easier.

Over the years I’ve sold over 10,000 personal training programs.

In fact, in one 43 day period I sold $89,705 in personal training
sessions. Here’s proof.

So it’s safe to say that I’ve pretty much encountered every type
of prospect and objection you can think of.

All the objections out there boil down to one of these three

The “I need to think about it” objection.

The “I need to talk to my spouse” objection.

And the “I have to look at my finances” objection.

But the ONE objection that really stumped me was when a
cute little old lady said “I need to pray on it”.

That was the stumper.

I digress.

So like I was saying…

I’ve had the opportunity to sell to over 10,000 personal training
programs, and in that time I’ve identified the seven factors
that dramatically influence your ability to sell your fitness programs.

How to sell personal training

1. Rapport – No one will buy fitness program from someone they
don’t know, like, or trust.

2. Wants – People buy personal training and boot camp programs
because they want something not because they need something.

Even if the overhead squat test you gave Mrs. Jones says that
she NEEDS to strengthen her posterior chain…

…she’s ONLY going to buy a fitness program from you when
you reassure her that she’ll get what she wants…

… and that may be fat loss, losing certain number of inches by
a certain date, getting stronger for a reason, having more energy,
or getting down to a particular dress size.

You and I have to figure out what they WANT from their fitness
program and sell them on that.

(And also give them what they need once they’re paying clients).

3. Benefits – People buy benefits not features. If you’re selling
personal training programs then you need to explain the benefits
of the programs.

4. Urgency – Lets face it, we all procrastinate. I mean why would
Mrs. Jones be in a hurry to buy from you today, when she’s probably
been overweight and unhappy with her body for over two years?

What’s her big reason why?

When you can find that hot button, you’ll have created an overwhelming
sense of urgency in her.

5. Commitment – This goes without saying, right? If someones not
committed to the program, idea, or plan then they’re not going to buy.

6. Cost – I’m convinced that 99% of the people who call, email or come
in to see have an idea of what you charge.

They know that working with a trainer is not a $49 a month gig.

So frankly, cost is hardly ever the issues when someone gives you
an objection.

A person’s ability to pay is different than their desire to pay.

So if someone gives you a “cost” or money objection I’d bet you the
farm that it’s a value (or lack there of) issue.

In which case see numbers 2, 3, and 4 above.

7. Close – I don’t believe in hard selling. I’m a big believer in being the
“assistant buyer”… in transferring feeling and helping the prospect come
to the right conclusion that working out with me is the most logical
solution for achieving their desired outcome.

That said… you have to ask for the sale, otherwise you’ll never get
that client and they’ll never get the results they want.

So don’t do yourself and your business a disservice by neglecting sales.

Find a fitness sales system that works for you.

Transfer your feelings.

Use the seven factors above to boost your sales skills.

And if you want a proven and done-for-you fitness sales system then
check out
how to sell personal training