Fitness Marketing is Easier Than You Think

email marketing for trainers

Marketing your fitness business is a delicate matter.

As fitness trainers we’re not taught how to market
our personal training business in any of the education
programs we go through.

More often than not, trainers (and I was guilty of this)
will have a logo made, they’ll get some business cards
done up, and either create small postcards to hand out
to people or (if budget permits) they’ll run an ad in a local
paper that ends up doing a whole lot of nothing.

Like I said, as trainers we were never taught how to
market… not in college and not in any of the certification

For most fitness trainers marketing is all about; “throw it
out there and lets see if it works”.

But there’s another way to generate leads, prospects, and
get more clients into your personal training or boot camp

In fact this method is 100% predictable, it’s very low cost,
and it like having “clients on tap”.

I think you’d agree with me that personal training is NOT
an impulse purchase right?

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s all about building a
relationship and getting people to realize they need your

First you need to identify the “prospects” from the “suspects”
in you community.

You’ll do that by offer a lead generator (a free ebook or report)
on your website, blog, Facebook fan page, and even in local
print publications.

Your lead generator serves two purposes…

1. To get the person’s email address in exchange for the free
free report or ebook.

2. It should position your as the local expert on fitness and
fat loss. Basically by the time the person is done reading your
report or ebook they should feel that you are a credible person,
and an authority in your field.

I call this “expert positioning”.

Now capturing email addresses is NOT enough. You gotta do
something with them.

The MAIN thing you want to do is to get your prospects to
know, like, and trust you – that’s  the foundation of all fitness marketing.

And the fastest way to do that is to consistently and constantly
send them high value content (articles, tips, recipes and case
studies) to further prove that you are awesomeness in all things

Now, imagine this for a moment…

What if each and every week your competitor was sending out
two emails to his “list” of prospects.

One email would consists of a killer fitness and fat loss article along
with a healthy “recipe of the week. And the other email would
showcase a case study of an actual client who he helped get into
amazing shape.

Now imagine while he was doing that and building a strong
relationship with his list… you were trying to market your
fitness business the old fashioned way.

Imagine while he was establishing rapport, trust and likeability
with his list – you have yet to even start building a list.

Can you see how the community would quickly start looking at
your competitor as the local expert and authority on fitness
and fat loss?

Now imagine if your competitor sent out an email to his list that
likes and trusts him and offers a free Saturday nutrition or fat
loss seminar.

Can you imagine how quickly he’d fill that seminar up?

Now imagine that he made an irresistible offer to the people who
attended his seminar, and before you know it, he just got himself
10-15 new clients.

STOP imagining that! Because we’re not gonna let that happen
to you which is why I want to teach you this awesome client
getting funnel.

1. Identify the prospects from the suspects…

2. Build a relationship with your list of prospects…

3. Get them to know, like and trust you…

4. Position yourself as the credible local authority on fitness and
fat loss…

5. And then make them irresistible offers and convert them into
paying clients.

The best fitness marketing system I know is based on
building relationships and adding value to your market space.

And the best way I know for doing that is to build an email list
of prospects, clients, former clients, business contacts and
then positioning yourself as the local expert and building trust
and likeability by staying in constant communication with them
via email…

…very much like the relationship that you and I have.

It’s a simple formula. It’s a proven formula. And sometimes
the most obvious of things are the most overlooked.

Committed to your success,


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