Two Fitness Information Marketing Success Stories

Peter Osborne and Travis Stoetzel love fitness.

They love working with people who want to
improve their health and fitness levels.

Very much like you, they’re passionate about
what they do.

However, that’s where their similarities stop.

Peter’s in his 40’s, has a wife and three kids
and a busy Chiropractic practice just outside
of Houston, TX.

Travis is in his 20’s, lives in Omaha, NE, and
owns the Forged Athlete gym and Fit Body Boot

Two very different dudes.

But Peter and Travis have one more thing in common…
…they’re both in Craig Ballantyne’s and my 100K Fitness
Info Mastermind group.

In addition to running successful off lines businesses,
these guys are also super passionate about taking
their message to the masses.

In fact, Dr. Peter Osborne is also known as the Gluten
Warrior and he’s made it his mission to educate the
world on the harming effects of gluten and the havoc
it plays on a person’s ability to lose weight.

Through his info products he’s helped thousands of
people regain their health simply by educating them
on gluten and how it can damage the body.

That’s something to feel good about!

In fact here’s a free report he published recently that
you and your clients may want to check out…

Travis, on the other hand, loves hardcore training.

If it involves a sandbag, kettlebell, ropes, chains,
sleds, sledge hammers or anything rusty, heavy
and misshapen – Travis will use it with his clients.

Just like Peter, Travis’ off line business is rockin!

His clients love him and the style of training he

But that wasn’t enough for Travis.

Just over a year ago he joined our Fitness Info
Mastermind group with the focus of creating info
programs that will help anyone who wants to be
faster, stronger, and train more aggressively –
for REAL functional strength.

btw, you can check out his intense blog here…

I just heard from Travis the other day. And he had BIG
news to share…

Last month he had his first $10,000 month.

We’re not talking about $10K with offline and online business.

We’re talking about $10K with ONLY his online info business.

Don’t be fooled…

If you have a passion for a niche, it WILL succeed.

Neither gluten free eating or super hardcore training are
big wide open niche markets like, say; fat loss.

But both Peter and Travis are killing it online becuase they
are living and sharing their passion with people.

Even though they’re busy with their off-line businesses
they still carve out time each and every day (sometimes
late at night) to build their info businesses.

Don’t be fooled, if you want something bad enough you’ll
find a way to get it.

When I asked Travis to share with me what helped him
get to his first $10,000 month online… this is what he

Had my mindset on 110% H.A.M. mode –
This “110% H.A.M.”
mode is something I tell my clients and athletes to have in order
to achieve their own goals, I follow this same mindset as well –
this mindset means doing what ever it is you need to do to
get the job done.

My goal isn’t about having a ton of money (while it is nice to have),
it’s about helping people that will accept my help and having freedom
to be able to do the things I LOVE most in my life.  That’s what keeps
me in 110% H.A.M. mode.

(you’ll have to ask Travis what H.A.M. stands for)

Connect Connect Connect – I know that in order to be a success you
have to have a STRONG team of people around you.

For me this means having a good group of people I can reach out
to for help and in return HELP THEM as well.

I’m always looking to connect with other coaches and people that are
passionate about helping people as I am.

I recently connected with Mike Whitfield with an idea I had in regards
to Workout Finishers.  Long story short, we created a product called,
Hardcore Workout Finishers together that was HIGHLY valuable and
we were able to get it out to a lot of people.

This was done all through connecting and networking!

Always OVER-DELIVER VALUE – I always want to make sure I’m
supplying a TON value to those that are able to help me out in some

It’s the law of reciprocity – I try to give and over deliver no matter what
and never expect anything in return. I do this with both my joint venture
partners and clients.

Getting things back in return is just the way nature works. One rule of
thumb I follow at all times is to deliver 10x’s the value of what ever it
is I’m doing.

MASTERMIND! You’re only as good as the thoughts and ideas you
can think up yourself, but when you can get together with other like-minded
people who also have amazing thoughts and ideas, the ideas you create
from there are unimaginable!

This can only be done through the power of combining thoughts and ideas
through masterminding with other people.

Joining the 100K group was one of the BEST things I could have ever done!

Last but NOT least – just G.S.D. (Get Sh*t Done!) – simple.

I think Travis summed it up really well 🙂