How To Get Personal Training Clients

About a year ago I was invited as a guest to
speak and teach at a mastermind group for
small business owners.

During one of the “hot seat” sessions this guy stood
up and commenced to draw out a very intricate
lead generation funnel.

I don’t remember the details exactly, but it involved
buying mass media, putting them through a perpetual
marketing campaign to get them to come into his place
of business.

…and if they bought anything during the perpetual
marketing campaign then they’d go on one list…

and if they didn’t buy something they’d be invited to a
free webinar where they’d be pitched this other thing
since (in his words) “they were unqualified to come
into his business anyway.”

Frankly, the whole thing was a mess of an idea, and I
couldn’t wait to tell the guy.

It’s not that his marketing funnel wouldn’t work…

…it’s just that it was equivalent to killing an ant with a
bazooka when your thumb will do.

Plus, I know for a FACT that many people who
were plenty qualified would slip through the cracks
and end up “unqualified” in his eyes.

Finally, the guy who was running the mastermind
turned to me and asked; “What are your thoughts on
his lead generation funnel, Bedros?”

I said: Complexity in business, marketing, sales,
or whatever is a recipe for disaster – why not make
it simple?

Then I asked…

Have you sucked out all the leads and prospects from
Facebook, Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

He said: nope.

I said…

Have you taken the time to make sure that your
squeeze page, website, video, free report or the ebook
you’re using to capture leads is converting at it’s best?

He said: nope.

I said…

Do you keep in touch with your email list that you
already have at least two or three times per week?

He said: nope.

I said… (and I couldn’t resist saying it this way)
Do you like doing things the hard way and leaving
money on the table?

He said nothing.

I had made my point.

Listen, email communication is still the #1 way to
get more clients into your personal training or boot
camp business.

Just this past weekend, Scott Skinner one of my
7 Figure Formula mastermind members from Arizona
told the group how he generated $9,000 from ONE
email campaign that I wrote.

Dan Ritchie, another 7 Fig mastermind member told
us how he generated over $7,000 using the same
email campaign.

The email campaign I’m referring to is the new “6 week
transformation program” that you have in your FitPro
Newsletter account (under the done-for-you) broadcast

Look, getting leads and prospects is a easier than you think.

If you have a website, it’s probably getting some sort of
traffic. Use pop ups or any one of the “list builder” free
reports and ebooks from your FitPro Newsletter account
to capture leads.

Even if you have an email list of fifty or a hundred, be
sure to add them to your FitPro Newsletter account
so they can get the killer weekly email newsletters we
send out on your behalf.

Make the time to send out at least one “client case study”
email per week.

Showcase a client, tell you list all the ways your client
struggled while trying to lose weight before starting a
fitness program with you…

…then tell them how much weight she’s lost, and how
much better they feel.

SIDE NOTE: Make sure it’s okay with your client before
sharing her story with your email list.

The formula for these “client case study emails” are…

Star, Story, Solution.

Your client is the STAR

Her story is… well, her story.

YOU, and your fitness programs are the solution.

You can probably see how a case study email could get
folks off your list to contact you, specially if they resonate
with your “star”.

But sending an email and getting it opened and read
are two different things.

Your email subject lines make a world of difference.

Bonnie Murphy, a 7 Figure Formula mastermind member
from Alaska was having a hard time getting a decent
response from her email list.

The problem was NOT the email body, the content or
the offer.

The problem was that her emails weren’t getting opened.

We fixed that pesky little problem easily and she got
a 74% open rate on her next email promotion THAT

Her studio gained 15 new clients because of that one
tweak to the subject line.

Here’s the formula for really good subject lines…

1. Make it compelling and curiosity provoking.

2. And when you make a promise, keep it promise.

In other words, if your subject line is “The #1 Fat Loss Tip”

GIVE them the number one fat loss tip in the email.

That’s stupidly simple, but I still see way too many people
firing off big promise subject lines and then not delivering.

Like I said, email marketing is STILL the #1 way to get
more clients.

You build an email list.

Be cool to them.

Get them to know, like, and trust you.

And then periodically send them offers to get into your
fitness programs.

Easy, low cost, reliable.

Makes a whole lot of sense to me 😉

Live Easy,


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