The Fitness Industry Crisis

One of my most favorite rituals of all is to sit outside
of Starbucks with my iced coffee in hand mentally
preparing for my workout.

On Saturday I was doing just that when I over heard
the conversation at the table next to me.

The two fellas at the table over clearly worked at a gym
or training center – they were personal trainers.

What caught my attention though was when
one of the guys said to the other…

“It’s becuase of the economy that we’re facing this crisis”

The conversation went on to the topic of rent, then how
people can’t afford training like they used to, and then how
the gym is empty and no one is working out these days.

Thank God I was out of coffee by this point and was
ready to go lift.
Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you that the economy is
not what it used to be. But neither is fashion.

I mean you don’t see people walking around with
knee high socks or double breasted suits these days.

Things change – this is the NEW economy, and the
folks who complain about it the most are usually the
ones who were struggling in the “good old days” of
the economy.

See while those two guys were complaining about
the economy and whats not working, two Fit Body
Boot Camps and a Cross Fit opened around them
and they’re doing just fine.

Yes the economy changed. But money didn’t just go

In fact, like my buddy Frank Kern says: the money
just moved hands… it’ went from Group A to Group B.

And if you were at Fitness Business Summit 12 a
couple months ago than you heard me talk about
how to build a massively successful fitness business
in today’s new economy.

In fact since then my friend and FBBC owner Steven
Hadley has gone on to build his monthly income to
over $11K/month in Daphne Alabama, irrefutably
one of the fattest cities in the nation.

And my coaching client Dan Ritchie hit $100K/month
in west Lafayette, Indiana – not quite the fitness
capital of the nation either.

In fact you can watch Dan’s story in this mini documentary…

Look, the point is this… The economy we’re facing is
here to stay. And when it changes it’s not going to get
worse or better.

It’s just going to change.

And when it does YOU’VE got to be prepared to build
a business in that new economy (whatever it may be).

What’s your alternative, to sit there and sulk about
how things suck for you?

Do something about it!

I did a lot of driving around this weekend. The roads
are packed with giant SUV’s and huge 4×4 gas guzzling

In fact national stats show that SUV and tuck sales are
on the rise.


SUV’s and 4×4 trucks will always be around…

… it’s just that the person driving will change.

The SUV owner when gas cost $2.00/gallon is
different than the SUV owner when gas cost.

And when gas costs go up to $6.00/gallon the
SUV and mega 4×4 trucks will still be around – but
the drivers will be different.

And that’s what most people don’t get.

The market place is dynamic.

Money moves from group A to group B and it WILL,
at some point move to group C or maybe back to
group A.

The point is that YOU’VE got to market your business
to the right group when the market or economy changes.

Your marketing message will have to change.

Where you market will change.

Who you market to will change.

And how you market will change.

But make no mistake about it, the money is still there,
it’s just in someone else’s bank account.

Over the weekend Disneyland raised their prices to
$87 for anyone over the age of ten years old.

Disney is not seeing a shortage in business. They raised
their prices and year after year will continue to do the
same while Six Flags closes during the off season.

Disneyland has no “off season”.

Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm are lowering
prices left and right.

Disneyland continues to charge more.

What separates Disneyland from Universal Studios, Six
Flags, and Knotts?

What gives Disneyland the right to keep increasing their
price of admission while selling out every weekend in
the summer time?

The magic.

The magic is what separates Disneyland from all others.

And the magic is what folks are willing to pay for – even in
“this economy”.

How about Lulu Lemon?

When was the last time Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour sold
a workout shirt for $80 bucks?

…or yoga pants for $129 bucks?

…or a workout jacket with holes in the sleeves for $159 bucks?

Look around, there’s no shortage of Lulu Lemon wearing
people out there.

Folks will always find a way to pay for what they want.

The question to ask yourself is: Do I have what they want?

You may have HAD what they WANTED a few years ago,
but is it what they want today?

Ford is selling F250 and F350 “tank” trucks like it’s going
out of style.

Dodge is bringing back the gas guzzling Viper (10 cylinder)
back after taking it off the market for three years.

Why? Because people want it.

Starbucks is popping open more stores across the nation
and they’re still charging $4 bucks for a cup of coffee!

Speaking of Starbucks…

Here’s a great example of giving the people what they

See, the average Starbucks store brings in $3500/day,
but the average Starbucks drive though brings in $5500/day.

Look around and you’ll see that Starbucks is giving people
what they want… convenience.

And they’re making an additional $2000/day by doing so.

We are not facing an economic crisis.

We are facing a lack of work ethic, imagination and
action taking – but it’s a lot safer to blame the economy.

Whatever the talking heads tell you about the economy on
television is complete and total BS.

Their job is to sell two things…

1. Ad space
2. Fear

And they’ve figured out that fear sells more ad space.

No matter what the economy is on a global scale, YOUR
personal economy is what you make of it.

Whatever you project about the economy is what
you’re manifesting. Period.

Frankly, the reason people fail to take action is more
likely due to negative self image and negative self talk
rather than the economy, or whatever “flavor of the day”
excuse they can come up with next.

YOU are in charge of your destiny.

YOU are the captain of your own ship.

YOU can get what you want out of life, your business,
and your relationships if you’re willing to take personal
responsibility and take massive action.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian