The Best Fitness Marketing Trainer

fitness marketingMeet Marvin, he’s the richest personal trainer on the face of
the earth.

He considers himself a fitness marketing expert and is proud of it.

Marvin, is known around town because he’s made a name for

His clients get results. They tell their friends, family and
co-workers about Marvin’s training programs.

In fact, referrals are his best source of new clients.

Marvin’s clients go to him because in addition to delivering results
as promised, Marvin delivers something else – an EXPERIENCE
that his clients can’t get anywhere else.

See Marvin is more than just a personal trainer. He’s a fitness marketing
expert and the “thing” he’s best at marketing is fitness and fat loss.

He doesn’t sell personal training. He sells OUTCOMES.

And that’s what differentiates him from all of his competitors…

Because while his competitors sell on price and product he
sells on outcome and experience and THAT puts him in a category
of one.

I hope you realize by now that “Marvin” doesn’t really exist.

He’s a figment of my imagination.

But there are a bunch of personal trainers just like Marvin who are
as real as the air you breath – and they are absolutely rocking it out
with successful businesses, great (multiple six and seven figure)
incomes, and have personal satisfaction and freedom because
they’re living their passion.

Take Fit Body Boot Camp owners like Jeremy Werner, Stephanie
Flynn, Shawna Kaminski, Josh Carter, Jeff Sherman, John and Cara
Eckerman, Riccardo Scala, Butch Nieves, Rebecca Tabbert…

… and members of my 7 Figure Mastermind group: Dan Ritchie, Stephan
and Mark Gray, Sean Francis, Nitin Chhoda, Shari Aldrich, JR Burgess,
Samantha Taylor, and Cabel McElderry…

See, I know these fitness trainers personally…

I get to work with them monthly, weekly and some even daily and I
see first hand why they are the most successful trainers on the planet.

Some might think that these trainers simply got lucky or might of just
stumbled up a secret that got them to this high level of success.

But I can tell you that they built their business on these nine core

1. They have an exceptional product. (I’m guessing you do, too)
But more than that they deliver the WOW experience making
their clients feel appreciated, recognized and valued.

=== The next eight things are what makes them different than
the “average” trainer. ===

2. They are expert marketers of their services. I can tell you first
hand that not a one of them started off this way. They became
expert marketers because they put in the time, money, effort, and
sweat to learn these skills.

3. They work harder than anyone I know. They make no excuses…
nights, weekends, whatever… when it’s time to Get Shit Done, they go
into GSD mode.

4. They don’t blame the economy, or listen to the talking heads
on TV. They CREATE their own economy (and it’s doing just fine).

5. They understand the value of a list. Each and every single
one of the trainers I listed above has an email (and most likely
a snail mail) list of clients, prospects, past clients, and business
contacts who they consistently deliver value, content, and offers to.

6. They reverse all risk. They put the risk on their shoulders and
guarantee results or the client doesn’t pay. Not many trainer believe
in their service enough to do the same.

7. They don’t run their businesses… they run their systems and
processes and the systems and processes run their business.

8. They are expert on how to sell personal training. And once again,
I can tell you first hand that these guys and gals weren’t born with
the ability to sell. However, they recognize that selling is nothing
more than a transference of feelings and becoming the assistant
buyer and so they learned the skill and profit from it.

9. They do the critical few and delegate the trivial many. I call this
the 5/95 rule because 5% of the things you do are the things that
are most critical to the success of your business. The other 95%
can (SHOULD) be outsourced to others.

Listen, “Marvin the richest personal trainer on the planet” doesn’t
exist… but YOU DO.

And YOU have every opportunity to join the ranks of the most
successful and highest earning fitness trainers on the planet.

YOU have access to every tool, resource, and system available
to help you get there.

And I’m here to help.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian