Personal Trainer Email Marketing REVEALED

Finally, Personal Trainer Email Marketing Revealed

Listen there’s no need for a sledge hammer if
all you need is a fly swatter.

Know what I mean?

Here’s how to make getting new personal training
and boot camp clients easy, so you don’t waste time,
money and energy doing things that don’t work.

Step 1:
Build an email list of prospects, clients,
past clients, business and media contacts.

You do this by offering a really cool report or ebook
on your website or blog in exchange for their email

And you create a process so that every person who
calls, emails, signs up, pass through your place gets
added to your list.

Step 2: Deliver awesome content, articles, recipes,
and fitness tips to your each and every week.

This is a great way to stay in front of them and to
position yourself as the local fitness and fat loss

From time to time make them really good offers
for your program. The offers that convert best are
the low barrier high value ones like my 14 Day
Fat Furnace
, and 28 Day Flat Belly Program.

Both of those work really well because they are
shorter term, lower in price and really well written
copy 😉

And those personal trainer email marketing promotions

are perfect for giving your prospects a “sample” of the services that you

Step 3: Sometime during their promotional period
offer them a killer opportunity to become a long
term, ongoing client.

Email marketing is THE core client getting and
referral generating strategy use by fitness pros
who are running super successful businesses.

Here’s an email I got last week from a trainer…


Hey B

So I’m chillin at the studio, and a lady walks in

who wants to lose 6-10kg in 6 weeks.

I’m having a chat with her doing the usual 10

minute consultation/chat thing….and as I’m

weighing her and filling in some details into

the computer, I ask her if its okay to send her

the fitpro newsletter packed full of recipes, diet

tips and motivation.

She responds “Im already on their”….and has

been for a few months already, after downloading

the e-book from my website.

I was stoked but this isn’t new news to me as this

always happens!

Here’s the best part…

I ask her if she likes the newsletter and she responds

with a big yes I love them!

Then she says: the reason I really came back to you

guys, is because I can see you put in the effort and

take the time to write good information each week.

Thanks a TON for creating FitPro Newsletter Bedros.
And this new 3.0 version is money!

– Lance Allegretta
NOTICE: FitPro Newsletter is the #1 personal trainer email
system for trainers. And the best part about it is that
it’s totally automated so you never have to write any
fitness articles, recipes, or tips.

And it even does all the referral generation for you.

Pretty sweet, right?

The price of FitPro Newsletter goes up tomorrow,
May 1st which is why I wanted to write you and let you
know that if you still don’t use FitPro Newsletter to get
new clients, NOW is the time to get on it.

Because when you join FitPro Newsletter today, you are
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Watch this video and check out what FitPro Newsletter
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