The #1 Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Tactic

The question I get asked most frequently by tons of people, all the time, no matter where I go or what I’m doing.

marketing a fitness boot camp

I’ll bet it is the reason you’re reading this blog right now. In fact, I’ll bet that knowing the answer (and taking action) you will become more successful in less time than with anything else you’ve ever done before. Ok, first, the question:

“Bedros, if you could only focus on ONE boot camp marketing tactic, what would it be?”

Sure, who doesn’t want to know the SECRET, right? Who doesn’t want to know the best, most easiest way to profit and success? The TRUTH is, most of the time, there isn’t just ONE thing…it is usually a combination of a bunch of things and when people figure out there is actual work involved, they quickly turn the other way and look for the next easy answer.

Listen, if anyone tells you they have the “magic bullet” or the “one” awesome boot camp marketing secret – CALL BULL SHIT and run the other way.

Now, that said, there is a combination of things that are proven, practical and simple that you can do that can turn the heat up – big time.

Interestingly all these things that I’m about to share with you lead to the “one thing” that will make your boot camp business unstoppable.

Here is the one thing…


I know, for some of you, hearing that is akin to when Ralphie waited for weeks to get his Little Orphan Annie decoder pin, only to realize the message was about Ovaltine.

(If that last sentence was over your head then you’re likely under the age of 30 and have no clue what Ovaltine is.)

boot camp business marketingBUT, that one word, retention, is about as powerful a word as exists in the world of business, and here’s why.

You see, while getting new clients is great, the fact is, it costs money. It is often estimated that it costs about 7 times as much money to get a new client as it does to keep an existing one. So, even if you only have a handful of clients, you absolutely HAVE to do whatever you can to make them have an incredible experience so that they stay month after month after month.

The longer they stay, the more money you will make from them, the better results they will have, which ultimately lead to more referrals (the BEST type of leads).

Starting to get the picture?

What happens, all too often (I have seen it PLENTY of times) is that a boot camp owner will get a handful of clients and, in their scramble to try to get the next bunch, they will totally ignore their existing ones!

They simply take them for granted. Try doing that in your relationship and see where that takes you.

It’s as if they assume that since they are signed up, all they have to do is train them and they will stick around. Sorry again, but this ain’t the way it works out. You have to give them an ongoing reason to stick around. They have PLENTY of choices they could make other than coming to your boot camp and unless you make them each a top priority, they will likely decide to do just that.

So, let’s take a second and focus on making sure the experience for each of your boot camp members is…well, KICK ASS so they absolutely crave coming to your boot camp each and every day.

  • Say their name. It is often said that a person’s favorite word, is their own name. There is something comforting about hearing someone use your name when speaking with you. (well, unless it’s a cop, but that’s a different story…) When your clients show up in the morning, greet them each by name and slap a big high 5! Get their energy up and get them amped for a killer workout. Throughout the workout, use their name as well in encouragement, form correction, etc. Make the experience as much about each individual as possible.

  • Keep them guessing-Whatever you do, DON’T get in a rut with your workouts. You have to keep your boot campers guessing each and every day…shake things up and constantly look for new and challenging workouts, especially the partner based ones. They are the most fun for your boot camp members. Name your workouts, have special THEMES for certain days, just be creative! If you have run out of ideas, ask your clients what they like most about your boot camp, and create different versions of that! They may have some killer suggestions and it will allow them to be a bigger part of the process as well. If they are having fun, getting the results they want, AND they feel a part of the action, they will stick around…bootcamp marketing ideas

  • And the award goes to: One of the best ways to excite your boot camp members is to reward them on a regular basis. You can have special prizes for the most check ins on Facebook, the BOOT CAMP CLIENT OF THE WEEK (goes to the person who worked the hardest throughout the week), most progress in 30 days, most referrals, etc. The list you can come up with is endless and the rewards don’t have to be huge either, even just a $5 gift card will show you are committed to creating a real experience for each and every member. These little gifts do cost some money, but are far less expensive than going out and acquiring new clients.
  • Don’t be a stranger-Another mistake you don’t want to make in your boot camp marketing is only communicating with your clients when you see them at boot camps. Instead, text them NICE WORKOUT TODAY! Send them a random email and ask how they are doing on their eating plan, or ask if they have any questions for you. Let them know that you are there for them…believe me, this goes a LONG way to helping you keep clients and get referrals.

Now, the stuff I just shared are a few of the top picks for what to do to ensure client retention but I’m sure given a few moments and a pen and paper (or a Word doc) you could come up with a list all your own as well.

The point is this, KEEP YOUR CLIENTS HAPPY and you will KEEP YOUR CLIENTS! Give them the results, experience, and service that they simply can’t get anywhere else. That’s forces you into creating your “category of one”.

And since the best and most low cost boot camp marketing system is getting referrals from your clients, it just makes sense to focus on client happiness and retention.

The fact is, if you have made them happy, your current clients will be more than willing to share your boot camp with their friends, family and co-workers. It’s like having your owns army of sales people.

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