Personal Trainer Email Marketing

Your greatest fitness marketing advantage is is only an arms

length away from you.

In fact it’s right at your finger tips. But only if you
know how to use it.

If you don’t, then you’re undoubtedly leaving money
and potential clients on the table.

The competitive edge I’m talking about is communicating
with your “tribe” through email marketing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know
that the money is in your list.
personal trainer email marketing
The list that I’m referring to is your email list… your clients,
prospects, business contacts, former clients and so on.

If you’re not emailing your list on a consistent basis then
you’re really missing out on leads, prospects, referrals,
and clients.

I believe that any fitness trainer can create a strong lead
and referral generation funnel through fitness email marketing.

All of my 7 Figure Formula coaching clients and Fit Body
Boot Camp owners use email marketing as one of their core
prospecting, referral generation and client retention systems
becuase it’s predictable, very low cost, and it works so well.

In fact I don’t know of any other fitness marketing system
that get’s people to know, like and trust you as quickly as
email marketing does.

And the coolest thing about it is that it’s marketing based
on education, content, value adding, and establishing

And not just pitch, pitch, pitch….

The three key types of email marketing that work best for
fitness business owners who want more clients are…

1. The e-newsletter. This should be a weekly content rich
newsletter that’s delivered to their email in-box once a week.

The best e-newsletters have unique and original article,
a fitness tip, and a healthy recipe. This is something your
email list would love to get each and every week.

….plus it totally positions you are the local expert.

2. Then there are the case study emails. These are emails
that showcase one of your clients and their journey to success.

Case study emails are high value becuase they motivate the
reader, showcase your credibility (testimonials) and they do
a lot of “under the radar selling” which again is the best way
to market your fitness business.

3. Finally, the promotional emails is the one that gets you the leads,
referrals, and new clients.

WARNING: promotional emails work best ONLY if your list
knows, likes, and trusts you. And the way that’s going to happen
is by you sending out consistent content rich e-newsletters on
a weekly basis and case studies emails a few times each month.

Basically what you want to do is build your goodwill bank account
first before you send out promotional emails and try to build you
money bank account.

Now the biggest obstacles most trainers have is coming up
with really good content to write about on a consistent basis.

And even then, you probably don’t have the time to write up a
newsletter article, fitness tip and recipe each and every week.

But there is a way that you can automate this entire proccess…

For over six years now thousands of fitness trainers have been using
FitPro Newsletter as their #1 fitness marketing system becuase it automates
the entire email marketing, lead generation and list building proccess for you.

Best of all the newest version (which just released) is even more rebust!

– Weekly professionally written e-newsletters DONE-FOR-YOU

– Almost a dozen client getting email promotions DONE-FOR-YOU

– Client referral generation email auto-responder sequence DONE-FOR-YOU

– Client reactivation email auto-responder sequence DONE-FOR-YOU

PLUS FitPro Newsletter works with your Facebook and twitter account
by auto posting your weekly content e-newsletter automatically to your
wall giving you instant viral leads and traffic.

Listen, if you don’t have time to come of with killer content each and
every week. If you want to use my proven email promotions that generate
boatloads of new leads, referrals, and clients.

And if you want to automate your personal trainer email marketing system
then you really ought to check out FitPro Newsletter, and if it’s right for you,
try it for a month for only a buck. That’s a pretty sweet deal, right? 🙂

PS. BTW, here’s the press release that went out for FitPro Newsletter a couple days ago.

PPS. Here’s a fitness email marketing training video I made that teaches you how
to craft killer email copy, how to come up with great subject lines that get your email
opened, and a bunch more cool stuff that will help you in your training business.