You’re Invited To Mastermind

You probably either have a fitness info product or have an idea
for a fitness info product that they want to sell online.

Creating the actual “thing” (DVDs, ebook, program/plan or membership)
isn’t the hard part at all.

For most fitness trainers, the hardest part is actually taking the
product to the web and selling it. Stuff like…

…writing sales copy, crafting your offer, generating leads, building a
list, creating and publishing a blog and website, getting affiliates,
and figuring out what shopping cart, affilaite software, and technology
to use can wreak havoc on what was otherwise going to be a strong
info business.

Lots of time, money and effort get wasted on making the wrong
decisions on critical things like that.

Imagine how much faster you could make money with your

online business if you had mentors looking over your shoulder
and keeping you on the correct course. 

What could you achieve if you had coaches with over two decades

of experience building multi-million dollar Internet businesses
showing you EXACTLY what you need to do and what you MUST
avoid (so that you save time and money)? 

You now have the chance to have personal coaching on your info
business and to have those mentors give you a proven BLUEPRINT
for rapid results – in person.

On Wednesday May 9th my business partner (creator of Turbulence
Training and 24/7 Fat Loss) Craig Ballantyne and I are dedicating
one day to mastermind with eight fitness pros who want the fast
action plan to improving and accelerating YOUR online business.

This private mastermind meeting will take place in San Diego, CA.

As you may know, Craig and I run the 100K Info Mastermind Group
with many of the members in the group already making six and multiple
six figures in their info businesses – some are now making 7 figures now.

These were trainers just like you who started off with just an idea or a
product and wanted a no B.S. step-by-step action plan that would quickly
get them to massive success.

Now, while the 100K info mastermind group is full, and we’re currently
not taking on new members, we did set aside a Wednesday (May 9th) to
work with a small group of motivated and driven fitness pros.

This is going to be a closed door meeting limited to just eight super sharp,

and focused fitness entrepreneurs.

You’ll experience over 8 hours hours of coaching, hot seats, and
masterminding, so this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss if you
are SERIOUS about building your online fitness business. 

This private day of masterminding will give you specific, actionable
information on how to craft your offer, increase your sales, TRIPLE your
productivity, and overcome the obstacles in your way of success.

You can expect to walk out of the mastermind with every action step
you need to get your product online and selling within 30-60 days.

It truly will be a life-changing event for those who are driven and action

Now if you were to hire me for a day of private one on one coaching
you’d pay $12,000 and have to wait at least three months to get a date.

And if you were to join our 100K fitness info mastermind group (which
is currently full and not open to new members) you’d pay $24,000 for
the year.

But you won’t pay anywhere near $12K or $24K to get access to us.

Because from time to time we hold a one day mini mastermind

that you can come to and get the most cutting edge fitness info business

training from us.

Now if you think this is right for you, then keep reading becuase I’m
going to tell you what you’ll need to do next to be considered for this
private one day fitness info marketing mastermind.

First off, Craig and I ONLY want people in the group who we know we
can help and add value to.

Secondly, if we think you’d be a good fit for this one day private mastermind
then we’ll even give you the option to split your payments to help you out.

Finally, to help you get the most out of this mastermind, we’re going to send
you a couple different programs that we’ve developed (these sell for over $1500)
for you to study and get some “grounding” knowledge before the one day
mastermind to help give you an extra edge when we meet on May 9th.

Here’s what you need to do next…

Go to and learn all about the info mastermind


1. If you think this one day private info marketing mastermind is right for
you then I want you to reach out to my assistant Frankie at
and he’ll set up a 15 minute call for you and I to chat.

2. If you and I feel that this is going to be a good fit for you, then I’ll have
Bryn set you up with the details and times and send you the two info products
I mentioned earlier.

$The cost to attend is a pittance to invest to get access to myself and Craig for an entire
day and have us give you the blueprint to launching your successful fitness
info product online. 

All eight spots will fill up quickly – they always do, so if you feel this is right
for you then be sure to reach out to Frankie at Frankie@Keuilian.comand
she’ll set you up with a call where you and I can chat and see if this is a good
fit for you.

We would love to see you in San Diego or Miami, but you need to take action
, because we are restricting participation to just eight fitness
entrepreneurs, and in the past we’ve sold out these one day private mastermind
meeting within days of announcing it.

Or like I said, visit and learn more about the info
mastermind group, read raving case studies from members in the group and get
info on how you can join.