Google the Fitness Marketing Machine

I just spent the better part of the day crafting the outline
of the client attraction and business growth stuff I’ll be teaching
next month at a private workshop for fitness trainers in Canadia.

This is going to be fitness marketing strategies on a whole new level.

Just as I was finishing up my outline and getting ready to head on
out to the gym I got a private message on Facebook from a
trainer who was clearly frustrated with his website ranking.

fitness marketing

His message started of…

“Bedros, Google hates trainers and here why”

Then he went on to say how his site used to rank high for search
terms like:

Personal trainer CITY
CITY Personal trainer
Personal training CITY
CITY personal trainer
Fitness center CITY
CITY Fitness center
… and a few other key search terms.

But now, after google’s most recent search algorithm update his
site is ranking at the bottom of page one at best.

Listen, google doesn’t hate personal trainers.

But Google does hate cheaters and it’s slapping them BIG TIME for
trying to cheat the system.

Up until a month or so ago you could get any crack “seo service”
to rank you by giving them several hundred bucks a month.

The “trick” most crack SEO guys used was to…

1. Stuff specific pages on your personal training site with keywords
and piss poor content.

The hope was (and it worked) to fool google into positioning that
page up on the top of the search results when someone searched
you out.

Quality didn’t of content didn’t matter one bit. (which is why a BUNCH
hacks were using software to “spin” and Frankenstein articles and
then post them on your site.

2. The other trick was to get a crap ton of incoming links to your site
from a bunch of sites.

This is where blog networks flourished becuase once google figured
what hack SEO people where doing, google started indexing these
blog networks and all of a sudden the if you had incoming links from
these sites… it meant nothing… and your site ended up plummeting
to the bottom of the search results.

In fact, Matt Cutts the lead dude in charge of the spam team at
Google tweeted that they are fully aware of the blog networks that
hack SEO “experts” are using and they’re shutting them down.

Google’s firing back BIG TIME sites that cheated or hired people or
services to give them shitty incoming links are going down fast.

Here’s Matt’s tweet:!/mattcutts/status/180392083427823616

So then what are you today if your personal training or boot camp
site lost ranking and is no where to be found on google.

1. Make sure your onsite SEO is dialed in first. It’s actually
pretty easy to do.

2. a few REAL and quality incoming links are better than a ton of
shitty blog network links (which are getting de-indexed as I write this).

3. Google places/local is KING for local SEO. And since most people reading
this have a local training business then you should have your Google
places/local dialed in.

When we set up the Google places/local for Fit Body Boot Camp owners
(and there’s a proper way to doing it) we see their site climb to the top
of the search results within days sometimes.

4. YouTube is still king. And Youtube videos that are optimized for keywords
can really pop out when someone is searching out your services on google.

The idea of search engine optimization (SEO) is to position your site
and message in front of people looking for a personal trainer or local
fitness or fat loss solution.

So ideally you have search results that look like this….

Google places/local

Your website

Your YouTube videos or channel

Your blog or Facebook fan page.

Fact of the matter is that local SEO is not search engine.

At the end of the day you just want your site and videos to show up for
people searching for local fitness and fat loss solutions, right?

That’s easy to do.

In fact we just updates Fitness SEO Dominator NOW 2.0 and it’s so
easy to do that you don’t need to have an SEO service taking your
money and putting you on blog networks to artificially rank you up top
only to have google slap you down to the bottom as soon as they
figure out the blog network that you’re on.

And google ALWAYS figures it out…

Check out Fitness SEO Dominator 2.0. We just cut the price by more
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