Living Your Passion

I once heard an accomplished older gentleman say “this is not a trial run, you only get one life here on earth”.

That’s all I needed to hear.

fitness information marketing
I knew in that moment that I couldn’t just be a spoke in the wheel. I can’t just do something
because it paid the bills, gave me a lifestyle, or kept me in my comfort zone.

Not a lot of people know this about me, but that was the deciding factor that led to me
dropping out of college, and subsequently telling myself that I’ll make it as a personal

See, for me, my passion lied in helping others get into shape and watching their confidence
soar. I experience it myself and wanted to help others feel the same transformation.

It’s what I was most passionate about. And it was worth doing, and even time got tough,
and they certainly did, it was easy for me to stay the course becuase I was living my

And that’s what this blog post is about.

Passion. Putting yourself out there. And breaking through every limitation.

So I asked my friend Flavia Del Monte to share her story of how she broke into fitness
information marketing
– fought every urge to stay in her comfort zone – and made it to
the top of the game.

Take it away Flavia!

Thanks Bedros for allowing me to share my story with all your friends. This past year
has brought many changes to my life.

I was a full-time registered nurse for eight years working in pediatrics at a sick childrenʼs
hospital outside Toronto, Canada.

Nursing still continues to bring me satisfaction but is a tough job with a lot of
responsibility. I always knew I wanted to change from a full-time status to casual part-
time status but was unsure of the career path I wanted follow.

I met my husband, Vince, who is a successful fitness internet marketer since 2006. Two
things Vince and I have in common is a love for fitness and passion to help others. I
was astonished that Vinceʼs chosen path was financially secure, freeing and fulfilling.

I started appearing in a few of Vinceʼs fitness videos and soon had a small following of
my own. I juggled with the idea of creating my own fitness workouts for women for
months before I finally felt confident that my information would indeed help others.

One thing to note about me is my type A personality. If I do something, I want to do itFlavia Del Monte
with 100% accuracy. It was because of this that I decided to get certified as a nutritionist
and personal trainer to ensure the information I was giving had a solid foundation.

I guess thatʼs why you will find me today studying my buns off taking advanced training
techniques to bring my followers the very best.

Despite my desire to perfect my blog, workouts, and desire for further education, I
reluctantly launched my first product FULL-BODY-LICIOUS in April, 2011. I say
reluctantly because I was so fearful of ridicule and immature knowledge of exercise.

What I discovered was that my exercise style worked for more than just a handful of
people. I knew that my style of training was different than most women and that it would
give amazing fat loss results, but I was intimidated by not having a Kinesiology degree.

Thankfully Vince pushed me to get my workouts out into the fitness niche, despite my
fear of failure. My first launch was a success and has given women around the world
incredible weight loss success.

My lifestyle has dramatically changed since I started my blog and created my first series
of exercise videos. Today you will find me sitting behind a desk, on the floor trying out
new exercises that randomly pop into my brain, or running out for lunch or a coffee in

I have the freedom to work from anywhere at any time of the day. Although I still nurse a
few times a month, my main focus is content creation trying to get an edge on female
fitness and nutrition, and I love it!

Being my own boss is incredibly challenging and rewarding. Having the freedom to work
from virtually anywhere in the world while changing lives is why I am doing what I am
doing today.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are doing something you are passionate about and
love. If your not and donʼt know where to start, I recommend helping others in any way
big or small.

Flavia Del Monte

RN, CPT, Certified Nutritionist