How to Get Your Fitness Email Marketing to Work

Star, Story, Solution [The Client Getting Formula]

Write an email, get more clients.

Sounds like a killer proposition, right?

Only thing is, most trainers I talk to tell me
how they get “screen freeze” – the act of
looking at a blank screen and freezing up
each time you want to write an email broadcast.

I’ve been there. Not a pretty place to be.

In fact, I remember one night about eight
years ago when I set out to write an email
broadcast and found myself frustrated to no

When I looked at the clock I realized that nearly
two hours had gone by and all I had was a half
baked subject line written down.


But, once I stumbled upon the secret formula for
writing killer emails I was unstoppable…

…a relentless client getting machine.

And the most awesome part about the whole thing
is that my emails were actually getting better response
rates than any of my past emails!

It was just a matter of plugging my idea for an email
into the “formula” and each time I’d churn out a killer
email broadcast.

Here’s the formula to getting your fitness email marketing work

Star, Story, Solution.

And here’s how it works.

Before you even sit down to write an email broadcast
ask yourself these three questions:

Who’s the star of this email?

What’s the story I want to tell?

What’s the solution (action) I want taken?

First off, you gotta realize that people learn best from
stories, analogies, and anecdotes.

So when you’re crafting an email think story telling vs

Okay, lets put this to work…

Say that you wanted to craft an email to promote your free
nutrition seminar that’s taking place next weekend, here’s
what you’d do…

First off you might start off by showcasing a “client case
study” where you talk about a client who’s gotten amazing
results training with you.

That client is your STAR

(It goes without saying that you should get your client’s
okay before putting her biz-nes in front of all to see).

Tell your email list all about your client

About who she is

What she does

What her life was like before your program

What challenges she face and the results shes gotten
since training with you.

That’s your STORY

You can imagine that by this point the readers of your
email are feeling connected to your star and are sucked
into the story.

They might even relate to her problems, challenges and

Finally you let your readers in on the big secret.

The the secret is that this client had tried everything to lose
weight and to get into better shape but nothing worked until
one day she came to one of your free nutrition seminars
and her life was forever change.

Then just give your email list the opportunity to experience
what she did by asking them to register for your upcoming
nutrition seminar by calling, emailing or clicking the link in
your email.

And that’s your SOLUTION

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