Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Here’s how to get your email broadcasts opened,
clicked, and acted upon.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

99% of email broadcasts I see are lame.

Lame subject lines

Lame copy

Lame offers

Lame call to action

First off, you should understand some email marketing


– Like “the Ballantyne” says: Don’t promise a unicorn
and deliver a donkey. Crafty subject lines that get
people to open, but then mislead your readers and
don’t deliver as promised destroy trust and loyalty.

– Understand that the purpose of an email is to move the
reader to a better place (value, understanding, hope,
happiness, ect…)

and to get the reader to know, like, and trust you.

If you can do that, then you can get them to buy from you.

– Deliver high value content and be consistent and cool.

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let me show
you two email marketing secrets that you’re probably
missing out on.

1. The NEW subject line.

Since 2009 over 90% of us use webmail like yahoo,
hotmail, and gmail.

That’s a LOT of people who stopped using outlook,
which means the day of the “short punchy” email
subject lines are gone.”

What this means to you is that even if you craft a
killer subject line like: “bad news :(” you’re still going
to get a crappy open rate if you don’t craft a strong
SECOND subject line.

Second subject line? Yep!

Close this email and look at it sitting there in your inbox.

You have a subject line and then you have part of the fist
sentence showing in the subject, right?

That’s your second subject line. 😉

Most webmail providers like to give a HUGE area for a
subject line and if you don’t use up the entire subject
line area gmail, hotmail, and yahoo will show you a teaser,
the beginning few words of your email copy.

So even if your subject line is killer, your second subject
line could totally kill your open rate if the “teaser” line is weak.

Here’s the formula for writing subject lines that get high
open rates…

1st subject line = curiosity provoking
2nd subject line (your opening sentence) = benefit rich


2. Sell or get the click – but you can’t do both.

Before you ever craft an email, ask yourself this:

“What do I want this email to do?”

If you’re running a promotion like as my “14 Day Fat
Furnace” email sequence then your mission is to sell
right off the email – which is why the response mechanism
is built within the email (“call or email me to start your program

If however your goal is to get people to read your email
and then click a link within it, then you have to do something
totally different in your “call to action”.

If you want someone to click a link in your email then DO NOT
sell them the product or service that you’re pitching….

instead sell the “click”

Think about it… if you were selling a fat loss ebook, do you
really think you have enough room or time to write compelling
sales copy (usually 4000 – 10,000) words in an email?

I mean can you really write sales copy SO compelling in an
email where it would cause someone to say “wow I need to
buy this thing so I’ll just click the link?”

So then what you need to sell in your email copy is not the
product or the service but the click.

Sell the click
and let the sales site do the selling (which is
what it’s designed to do).

Easy stuff that will get you better open rates and response 🙂


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