Think About This Before You Expand

The last few day’s I’ve been working closely with several
Fit Body Boot Camp owners as part of FBBC University.

(A five day business, operations, and hands on training
university that all new FBBC owners must attend so they’re
positioned for success.)

One thing that kept coming up over and over again was
the topic of when to open up a second or third location.

While the idea of opening and operating multiple locations
is exciting, before you ever consider scouting out a second or
third location, ask yourself how multiple locations fit within your
desired lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not against opening up multiple
locations. In fact at the peak of my business I was successfully
operating five training locations and I loved it!

However I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t stressed out in
those days and sometimes it felt like my business was running
me and not the other way around.

Now keep in mind that all of my locations offered one-on-one
training only, and with over 60 employees there were a LOT of
balls in the air at any given time.

That doesn’t have to be the case these days.

Today boot camps and group training programs give you WAY
more leverage to grow your business while keeping profits
high and employees and overhead low.

Today’s smart fitness business model has way less moving parts.

Take these Fit Body Boot Camp owners for example…

– Jeremy Warner, Ohio – two locations, both rock’in it and
he’s still able to live the life he wants without stressing out.

– Marcia and Egan Inoue, Hawaii- three locations and a
fourth one on the way and under eight people on staff.
(much better than my 63 employees lol)

– Tien Do, California – three locations and quickly growing
into a business that requires less of his time and attention.

What all three of these examples have in common is that they
all built their businesses to serve them and not the other way

Far too often the desire for more money, more profits and more
clients drive us to open up a second or even third location, when
really the first location could have given you what you wanted in
the first place.

90% of the time when a personal trainers asks me what I think
about them expanding into another location, I’ll ask these two questions…

1. Before you go and expand, are you done growing in your first
location? In other words is your first location bursting at the seems,
making all the profit it can before you take on more rent, stress, and

2. What’s your reason “why”? What I mean by that is what’s your revenue or
lifestyle goal? Can your current business meet it? Do you even know
what it is that you want out of your business? Would you recognize
it if you saw it?

Like I said in the Fitness Business Freedom LIVE Webinar last week,
you have to reverse engineer your “ideal life” so that you know exactly
what you need to make and why.

Answering the “why” is undoubtedly the most important AND overlooked

Don’t go living off other people’s values.

Don’t become a slave to your business. Remember YOUR business is
there to serve YOU and your family.

And chances are your current business has plenty of room to grow still….

– Can you take on more clients?

– Can you increase your monthly payments?

– Can you offer your clients other value add products and services?

– Can you cut overhead and expenses?

Do you get the picture?

Now if you’d like to have access to the same business growth systems
like Tien, Jeremy, Marcia and Egan and hundreds of other Fit Body Boot
Camp owners do then FBBC might be right for you.

Not only is Fit Body Boot Camp the fastest growing fitness boot camp
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The Fit Body Boot Camp business model gives you…

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– NO percentage based franchise fee (that’s a total rip off becuase the more
you make the more you pay – which to me is like punishing you). Just a reasonable
flat monthly franchise fee.

– Access to the annual Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference and mastermind
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– Yelp, Google local, and Yahoo places placement

– YouTube video management and search engine optimization to drive you more

– The complete FBBC operations manual and 14 DVDs covering all systems, operations,
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– Access to the Fit Body Boot Camp five day “learn by doing” University.

If being part of Fit Body Boot Camp seems like it might be a good fit for you, then
take a moment now and visit where you can learn more
about the proven FBBC business model and fill out an Expression Of Interest form.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian

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