One Day Private Mastermind Invite at my house

You’re Invited to My House…

I’m having a one day mastermind at my house on March 12th
(the day after Fitness Business Summit 12) and YOU’RE invited.

Since I want this to be something really special, I’m limiting it
to only eight trainers who are really serious about building their
business and having me create a step-by-step success blueprint.

See, fitness trainers are always asking me how much it would
cost for me to work with them and give them the step-by-step
blueprint and formula for creating a wildly successful personal
training or boot camp business…

…I guess what I’m known for the most is having the ability to coach,
mentor, and advise fitness pros in building a six and multiple six figure
generating business that runs on systems and gives you predictable
income, financial security, more time off (freedom) and helps you
reach more clients with your fitness knowledge.

Until a recent discovery, I was unable to work with you, the
independent trainer, studio owner and boot camp operator…

so I would turn down the opportunity because you couldn’t afford
to pay my $12,000 fee for a day of consulting or the $20,000 for
a year to join my (SOLD OUT) 7 Figure Formula Mastermind
group and I couldn’t afford to turn down the trainers who could
afford to pay my daily consulting fee and $20,000/year mastermind

But recently I stumbled upon a solution where you could get coaching
from me and I could give YOU the formula, the blueprint, the solution,
along with the actual ads, scripts, systems, and tactics and guide you
all the way to massive success for under than $2,000.

I know… sounds too good to be true. Read on…

Best of all I figured out a way to compress an entire year of coaching
into a one day session, followed by 21 days of very specific action
steps and access to me that will get you on pace for six and multiple
six figures…

I call it my 21 Day Fitness Business Makeover program…
I’ll share more about that in just a minute.

Now the reason I’m doing this the day after the Summit is becuase I’ve
been getting a ton of emails and messages from trainers who will be
attending FBS12 who want more specific coaching from me.

And since I’m going to be in “teaching” mode all weekend anyway,
I thought it would be awesome to invite a small group of trainers back
to my house on Monday the 12th for a VERY in-depth and outcome
driven mastermind day (and hanging out as well 😉 )

I’ve only done this once before, and it was massively successful!

Basically, I found that my true purpose and passion in life is to help
motivated and coach ambitious fitness pros who have good intentions
and a real desire to make an impact in people’s lives.

I’m not interested in helping crappy, unscrupulous trainers who want to
draw the unsuspecting public into their web only to extract money and
deliver lousy service and possibly injure people in the process. There’s
way too many of those guys out there already.

These days I’m VERY selective and only work with fitness pros who I
like, are ethical and hard working, and want to achieve financial freedom.

For me, I now get my “kicks” by helping ambitious, success-minded fitness
professionals make themselves a fortune with my in-the-trenches proven
tactics and strategies for automating your client getting, referral generating,
sales, and operations systems just like hundreds of the top names in the
fitness industry who I’ve coached and consulted.

So considering what I’ve discovered about myself… and considering
how much of a value I could be to a fitness entrepreneur like yourself who
cannot round-up $12,000 – $20,000 bucks to get access to me.

I think I have created a solution where I can add hundreds of thousands of
dollars to your bottom line and still keep the cost of this mastermind within
your reach.

Like I was saying before… My high level coaching and mastermind
clients pay me $12,000 – $20,000 to have access to me and to be there
for them when they have questions or concerns regarding their fitness

But now, for the first time ever, you won’t have to pay $12,000 – $20,000
to have access to me. See, I want to work with you, the independent thinker,
the up and coming fitness entrepreneur who wants to achieve the same
awesome levels of success as many of my multiple six and even seven
figure earning clients.

So I got to thinking…

What if I were able to create a success program that was radically different
than any other coaching or mentoring program out there?

And what if I were to compress the core systems, strategies, and tactics I
teach and give you the proven ads, scripts, and swipe files all in a one
action packed mastermind day and follow it up with 21 days of access to me
via phone and email where I’d guide you through setting all the systems and
tactics into place to get you on pace to ADD AT LEAST ANOTHER $50-$100K
to your bottom line in 2012?

Could you just imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to wonder
where your next client was coming from?

I mean just imagine if every single marketing campaign you launched,
be it online or off line, produced a windfall of clients for you each and
every time.

That’s what this program is designed to do for you, and all in 21 short

Here’s how it works…

On Monday March 12th I’m gonna take a groups of eight fitness trainers
and we’re gonna mastermind and spend an entire day at my home here
in Chino Hills where I’m gonna give you the systems, the marketing swipe
files and blueprint to adding at least another $50-$100K to your fitness business
over the following 12 months.

Following your one day mastermind at my house, you get 21 days of access
to me via phone and email and together we’re gonna make sure that you
set up all the systems and tactic that I gave you in order to drive your
business to massive success.

Your investment for this one day mastermind and 21 Day Business
Makeover is only be $1,997 (this is a fraction of what my mastermind and
coaching clients pay).

Why am I doing this? Two reason really…

A) I’ve been getting a TON of emails and Facebook messages from trainers
like you who will be attending Fitness Business Summit 12, and the #1
question I’ve been getting is; “How can I spend a few hours with you and pick
your mind about my business”. So I figured eight of us could hang at my house
for a day and really mastermind about YOUR business and craft a massive
success blueprint together.

B) PLUS, this is what I love to do… I get off on sharing these success formulas
and short cuts with other ethical fitness pros who have a burring desire to
succeed. It’s what I’m most passionate about… it’s my calling.


Needless to say there are more people who want in on this success program
than there is room for. And since it’s gonna require a lot of one on one time
together over the next 21 days I’m going to keep the group small (only 8 people)
so I can handle the load and give each of you the attention that I give all of
my mastermind coaching clients.

This entire thing is a real good idea.

You get to use me as your very own crystal ball full of answers, experience
and the real formula for creating a wildly successful personal training or boot
camp business.

Seriously- could you imagine how successful you would be with ME in YOUR corner?

This is a huge opportunity for you… You can have me as your personal
business coach for a ridiculously small amount … guiding you to extraordinary
income, helping you create additional revenue streams, and systematizing
your marketing and sales efforts and helping you build a fitness BUSINESS
and not just a job.

If you made it this far in this long email of mine then you’re probably an action
taker, a person who wants and knows they deserve success and is willing to
put the work in to get it done.

Together we’re going to take your fitness business to a whole new level of
success which means there’s only one more thing left for you to do…

Since I’m only taking on eight people for this “in my home mastermind day”,
and since I’m emailing this out to my entire list of contacts in the fitness
industry (over 50K trainers) it’s probably going to sell out quick.


Like I said I’m very selective about who I invite to this mastermind. So before
you pay a penny you and I need to get on the phone for a few minutes and
we’ll see if this is right for you.

It is first come, first serve. So if you think you are a good fit for this one day
mastermind at my house on March 12th (followed up by 21 days of access
to me) then please email my assistant Bryn at
and she’ll set you up with a ten minute call with me for this Friday or Saturday

So like I said, if you think spending a day with me and 7 other highly motivated
fitness pros and having me craft a success plan for your business is right for you,
then just email Bryn at and she’ll set you up
with a ten minute call with me for this Friday or Saturday.

Looking forward to working with you 🙂

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Since I sent this out to FBS12 attendees a couple days ago, there are
already six spots taken. So if you want to get in on one of the last two remaining
spots then reach out to Bryn at and she’ll
set you up with a call with me for this Friday or Saturday.