The NEW Hitech Trainer 2.0 – EVOLOVED

In mid 2002 I created Hitech Trainer – at the time it was the #1 online personal training on the Internet. Within a year Hitech Trainer was used by thousands of fitness trainers worldwide to create workout programs for local and remote clients. Online Personal Training

In that same year Hitech Trainer become the most downloaded workout/fitness app on the sprint network, called the sprint jukebox.  This was way before “app stores, iPhones and all that.

Now the biggest draw about Hitech Trainer for fitness pros was that it gave trainers the opportunity to market and reach clients outside of their local area.  It was a passive income generating machine for trainers who…

– Wanted to reach more clients through the web

– Wanted a program for their clients to follow on their “off” days

– Wanted a program to offer to folks who couldn’t afford working with a trainer

– Wanted a program to offer businesses who wanted a corporate wellness program

But there was ONE major draw back to Hitech Trainer 1.0 which caused me to pull it off the market and put the entire product on the shelf for over two year.

In the Webinar below I tell you what that ONE problem was, and how the NEW Hitech Trainer 2.0 has solved that problem and is now capable of giving you geometric growth in creating a passive income stream with your online personal training business.

Checkout this webinar and see if Hitech Trainer 2.0 is right for you…

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