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As you may know Craig Ballantyne and I run the 100K Fitness Info Mastermind group where we coach, mentor, and guide fitness trainers who want to create and market ebooks, DVD’s, and membership sites on all things fitness and fat loss so they can reach and help more people.

One member of the group, Mike Whitfield has what I consider the perfect info product – because not only is it so unique and original but it also jives with practically EVERY workout under the sun.

The program is called “workout finishers” and I’ve been personally using in my workouts to spike my metabolism, burn more fat and squeeze out every ounce of result our of my workout sessions.

In fact Mike will be at Fitness Business Summit 12 and he’ll be teaching the attendees why WOF is so good at burning fat and squeezing out every last drop of effort outta your clients.

Anyhow, I asked Mike to share a Workout Finisher program here with you so you can use it with your clients and see if you like it.

Here’s Mike with all the details…..

Hi I’m Mike Whitfield,

fitness marketingAbout a month ago, while I was in Vegas at our mastermind meeting, I did a rare Friday night workout.  I soon found out that it was the only “normal” area in Vegas.  It was my second trip there, so I was accustomed to the chaos, but that wasn’t the case the first time I visited there.  During my first trip, Rick Kaselj took me on a walking tour of Vegas and we passed by a storm trooper passing out business cards to a questionable business for a so-called “good time”.  You don’t see that kind of thing in Georgia. Actually, you don’t see that kind of thing anywhere.  Fortunately, I didn’t take the offer.  That’s one of my life rules – “don’t trust a storm trooper who is handing out business cards with pretty ladies”.

Anyway, on my second trip, I had heard about this so-called “Tomahawk” steak, which is 24 oz of awesomeness.  I would guess that it’s a vegetarian’s nightmare.  I knew I would be cutting loose a little bit with the food, so I prepared my body the best I could by doing a nice, heavy lifting session, followed by a metabolic workout finisher.  I was hoping to keep the nutrition damage to a minimum.

Dude, What Did You Just Say?

I said, “I was hoping to keep the” …. oh, you’re talking about the “Metabolic Workout Finisher.”  Yes, this phrase has become quite the buzz in the industry.  First, I’ll explain the concept of a finisher to you, and then I’ll throw in a couple of examples you can use with your clients.

A workout finisher, which is completed at the end of your main workout (brilliantly named, too) is a way to increase the caloric burn both during and after a workout so that you can burn more calories while at rest.  Imagine interval training taking a shot of B-12 directly in the bum-bum while drinking a Grande cup of Starbucks extra strength coffee (that one was for you, B).  They are THAT awesome.

Finishers can involve bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells…cowbells …(just testing to see if you’re paying attention) and even a combination of these.  They also use incomplete recovery periods.  The bad news – they are very intense and can challenge you mentally and physically (one of my clients actually spoke in tongue.  It was awesome!)  The good news – they get you and your clients SHREDDED.


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Why Finishers Work

The best thing about finishers is that they compliment just about any sensible program.  For example, you can use a turbulence training workout, and follow that with a finisher.  It’s like this – let’s talk about pancakes.  Pancakes rock, wouldn’t you agree?  Pancakes by themselves are great, but not awesome.  But when you smother those pancakes in butter and syrup, now they are awesome.  You awesomized your pancakes.  That’s what finishers do – they “awesomeize” your main workouts.  Ha-ha, pancakes on a personal training blog – epic.  Anyway,  that’s the idea behind a finisher.  You simply elevate and improve what you’re trying to accomplish with your main workout.  The best part is that they are very short (some of them can last literally just 2 minutes or less).

Show Me Mikey

Alright, let’s do one.  By the way, the names of my finishers is probably my favorite part.  Anywho…

The “Decline of the Bulgarians” Finisher

Do the following superset in a countdown fashion resting as little as possible.

Record the time it takes you to complete it (with good form!). The next time you

do this one, try to beat your previous time. In the first superset, you will do 6, in

the next superset, you will do 5, etc., etc. until you do 1 rep of each exercise.

1A) Bulgarian Squat Jumps* (6 ea leg, 5 ea. leg, 4 ea leg, etc., etc. until you do 1

of ea.)

1B) Decline Push-ups (6, 5, 4, etc., etc. until you reach 1)

*A Bulgarian Squat Jump is when you perform a Bulgarian Squat, and at the bottom of the squat, you jump up and then land in the squat position.  That is one rep.

Of course, you can modify this finisher to your client’s fitness level.  Perhaps they are more advanced, so you could add a couple of rounds so they would start with 8 reps of each exercise instead of 6.  You can also decrease the intensity by substituting the Bulgarian Squat Jump for regular Bulgarian Squats and the Decline Push-ups for regular Push-ups.  By the way, why did I capitalize the exercise names?  Who knows.

How to Use Finishers in Boot Camps

boot camp marketingYou can use finishers in a boot camp setting, but the trick is to use timed sets rather than a specific number of reps.  Just tell your campers to do as many as they can in the time allotted. You also want to offer exercise substitutions so that people with different fitness levels can gain the benefits.  Needless to say, your more advanced campers will simply be able to do more reps, while the not-so-advanced campers will need to rest more.  But the principles remain the same -simply encourage their effort.  Let’s do it.

The “Campin’, Huffin’ and Puffin’” Finisher

Do the following circuit 3 times, resting for 30 seconds between circuits

1) Burpees (20 seconds) OR Bodyweight Squats

2) Spiderman Push-ups (30 secs) OR Regular/Kneeling Push-ups (30 secs)

3) Lateral Jumps (jumping side-to-side) OR Jumping Jacks (20 secs)

4) Spiderman Climb (30 secs)

Boom goes the 6-minute, fat-torching, effective calorie-burning dynamite.  Good times.  Using finishers like these can jump start your client’s fat loss goals, annihilate their weight loss plateau and improve their conditioning in a very short time frame.  They work so well because they take a fraction of the time that it takes to do long, steady-state cardio, or even intervals.  This allows your clients to stick to their workout programs, giving them awesome results.  Your clients can be “awesomized”.  You can be your community’s “Awesomizer”.************************************************************************************************************

Mike Whitfield, CFNC, CTT (known as “Mikey”) is a certified Turbulence Trainer who resides in Georgia.  After losing 105 lbs, his passion propelled him into the fitness industry.  His unique approach of using metabolic resistance training and metabolic workout finishers has helped thousands of people lose fat through his online and offline programs.  He is known across the fitness industry for his “finishers” and he is the author of the Workout Finishers program. He has been seen on the Turbulence Training blog, Men’s Health Blog, and he has been featured in the AJC.  You can find out more about his program by visiting

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