Deliver The Most Desired Outcome

I’m writing you from an undisclosed Starbucks location in Beautiful Chino Hills, California.

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The HQ is is buzzing with action, excitement, and preparation as we get ready for the sold out Fitness Business Summit 12. And since I have what I consider “level 3” A.D.D. I’d pretty much stand there in the middle of the HQ and watch all the hustle and bustle and not get anything done.

Thank God for my beloved Starbucks 🙂


If you’ve ever read the book “Delivering Happiness” (the Zappos book) Tony Hsieh talks about the “science of happiness” and how at the end of the day everything you do is to bring you closer to your desired outcome, which for most people is happiness.

It’s true. Ask someone who wants something why they want it… and then continue to ask “why”… and they’ll ultimately say “because it would make me happy”.

And that’s what YOUR clients want more than weight loss, more than strength or speed gain, and more than self-esteem and confidence… they want the end OUTCOME which is happiness.

And happy clients pay more, stay longer, get better and lasting results and ultimately refer their friends, family and co-workers to you – thus making YOU happy 😉

So how do you deliver happiness to your clients?

It’s actually pretty easy, albeit often times overlooked.

Here’s a “Client Happiness Checklist” for you to use:

== The Four Variables to Delivering Happiness ==

#1 Deliver results as promised.
– Did you and your client set a “first 30 days” goal?
– Are you doing at least monthly fitness evaluations and showing quantifiable results?
– Are your clients journaling their eating habits and getting nutritional guidance?

#2 The experience they get.
– Don’t promise a unicorn and deliver a donkey.
– Is your facility clean, modern, odor free and inviting?
– Do you and your staff know every client by name?
– What’s the unique experience that you deliver that your competitors can’t, won’t or don’t?

#3 Appreciation is one of the most basic and primal needs we have.

– Do your clients feel appreciated daily?
– When was the last time you sent your clients a meaningful and unexpected gift?
– Do you send your clients hand written thank you cards?
– When was the last time you randomly texted your clients with a note of appreciation?
– How about a client appreciation party?

#4 Recognition
Years ago IBM did a survey of their entire work force and found that to their employee recognition had greater value then money.
– Are you actively (and loudly) giving your clients recognition during their workouts?
– Are you posting to your client’s Facebook wall and puffing them up for a job well done, inches or pounds lost?
– When was the last time you high fived a client at the end of a workout and gave them a meaningful compliment?

Anyone can offer personal training, boot camp, weight loss or a gym membership. But only you can deliver the most desired outcome that your clients want… happiness.