The Ultimate Boot Camp Marketing, Systems, and Operations Formula

Bedros Keuilian boot camp marketing expertHey, it’s you’re old pal Bedros here! I hope you’re doing awesome and that you’re getting your personal training and boot camp marketing, sales, retention and referral generation systems in place because the new year is just a couple months away which means you can either start the year off good or GREAT!

See, the deciding factor between good and great is the difference between being prepared and unprepared.

Now, we’ve been getting a bunch of calls and emails here at the Fit Body Boot Camp HQ from people asking when we’re going to open up FBBC again and bring new locations on board. If you’ve been waiting  to get on board with Fit Body Boot Camp, then hang in there because we’ll be opening up new territories really soon and on-boarding new owners.

In the mean time however, I asked my best friends and business partner in FBBC to write this guest blog post for you so that you have a game plan to take your fitness boot camp marketing, sales process, lead and referral generation to the next level.

Boot Camp Marketing at its best – Enjoy!

Hey, Steve Hochman here, and as I sit here and write to you, I can literally feel the passion vibrating though every cell of my body and right down to my soul.

The passion for the GREATEST INDUSTRY in the world!

The passion for helping fitness professionals like yourself to create a thriving business that supports your family, gives you security and provides you the most amazing life of freedom and fun.

I mean let’s face it, in many ways, fitness professionals provide more value than doctors and surgeons.

YOU have the POWER to prevent heart attacks.

YOU have the POWER to give someone their confidence.rock your boot camp marketing

YOU have the POWER to literally change every aspect of some one’s life which often leads to money, love and happiness.

So doesn’t it just plain make sense that YOU generate the same or even GREATER revenue than doctors and surgeons?

The answer is YES, but it WILL NOT happen unless you have a formula.

And there is an extremely POWERFUL, TESTED and PROVEN boot camp marketing and operations formula that Bedros and I used to create the biggest, most successful and fastest growing boot camp in the world (Fit Body Boot Camp).

But even if you don’t want to own the world’s largest boot camp empire, you can still use this same formula to create a boot camp business that gives you the lifestyle of your dreams.

So with out further adieu, here is the boot camp success formula!

Factor #1, Mindset – The first part of the formula, mindset, is soooooo important becuase without it all the boot camp marketing tactics are useless.

Know your exact goals.

Think about this, if you were to want directions from map-quest to a destination you would need to put in the EXACT address.

In other words, you would type in that you are at 17811 Skypark Circle, Irvine Ca. 92714 and you want to go to 27301 Merchant Park, Chino Hills Ca. 91709.

Then it would spit out the exact directions.

If you just typed in that you are in Irvine and wanted to go to Chino Hills, it would be REALLY tough to end up at 27301 Merchant Park.

It’s the same with your income.

If you want to make six-figures then don’t just say, “I want to make six-figures.”

Instead say, I want to earn $8,333 per month or $273.97 a day.

And another thing that’s SO IMPORTANT when it comes to mindset and attracting what you want is to always be mentally and emotionally 6 months ahead of where you are.

In other words, if you vibrate on an energy level and mental feeling of what you have right NOW, then you’ll attract more of what you have right NOW.

On the other hand, if you vibrate on an energy and mental feeling of ALREADY HAVING what you want, then you’ll attract more of what you want.

In other words, FEEL how you would feel if you have everything you dream of RIGHT NOW!

Do it right now as you’re reading this…

FEEL how you will feel when all your goals have been achieved and you’re living your dream life…

Now keep that feeling vibrating throughout every cell in your body everyday as much as possible an watch how fast you attract all the awesome things that you want in to your life.

Steve Hochman picks ultimate boot camp locationFactor #2, Getting The Ultimate Location – Running indoor boot camp locations have been a huge it.

But first you have to decide if you want to lease your own location or sublease from someone else.

If you can swing it, having your own location is best because you can run AM and PM classes and wont have to worry about ever getting kicked out.

However, if you aren’t in a position to lease a stand-alone facility, then subleasing in the mornings from gymnastics center, cheer leading centers, dance studios and large karate studios is a really good option.

Factor #3, Marketing – Even if you have the world’s best location, it wont matter if you don’t have the boot camp marketing strategies to fill it.

One really of the most effective way to get a quick surge of client and revenue is Human Billboard marketing.

This is when you train clients at a 70% discount in return for referrals and networking… Oh, and they have to pay six months in advance.

One of the best ways to get Human Billboards is to email everyone you know and post on Facebook the following message below:

Subject:  Need your opinion on this…

Hey, because my boot camp is growing so fast I thought it would be a good idea to do a short ten minute survey to learn how (your city) residents think about fitness.

If you decide to take my ten minute survey over the phone, I’m going to give you $900 credit toward my boot camp.

So if you have a few extra pounds that ya want to lose, reply back to this email with the best number to reach and the best time to call you for the ten minute survey.

Ok, just to recap:

Take ten minute phone survey.
Earn $900 credit towards boot camp.

Just email me with the best number to reach you at the best time to call.

Talk to you soon,


Now, here are the ten survey questions:

1.  What’s your fitness goal?Human billboard boot camp marketing

2.  How much weight do you have to lose?

3.  How do you know you have to lose (X amount) of weght?

4.  What are the most embarrising parts of your body?

5.  What have you tried in the past?

6.  What were the results?

7.  Describe some situations where your weight and body makes you feel uncomfortable.

8.  Each month are you slowly gaining weight or losing weight.

9.  Where do you see yourself in two years if you don’t do something about your weight and body?

10.  Are stop this craziness and take positive action today?

Next explain to them that 6 months of boot camp would be $1200 and your going to give them $900 credit so it will only be $300 for six full months.

Now ask them if they would like to pay over the phone using Visa, American Express, Discover or Mastercard?

Let’s do the math on this…

20 Human Billboards at $300 each = $6000 (Not bad for a few hours work huh?)

Factor #4 Sales – The key to selling is CONFIDENCE, and the best way to gain your confidence is to practice, practice, practice by role-playing.

I prefer the “NON-CLOSE-CLOSE”.

This is where you give a special deal like $19 for consecutive days of boot camp. It’s a really cool “under the radar” boot camp marketing strategy that doesn’t raise buyer’s resistance.

When you do this, make sure that you have the member pick what program they are going to be on after the 10 days are up.

Have them set to automatically roll into a monthly auto debit contract after ten days.

Be sure to do all this on day one.

See, it’s easy because they do not have to pay a lot of money up front and they don’t have to decide or commit to being on the program because nothing happens for ten days.

Easy peasy!

Factor #5, Retention – If you don’t have a retention system, then it can feel like trying to fill a bucket with water when their are holes at the bottom.

My best retention method is my A.P.E Principal which stands for APPRECIATION, PASSION and ENERGY.

Be in the highest state of appreciation for your clients.

Sometimes you may be the ONLY person in their life that makes them feel appreciated.

Stay PASSIONATE by constantly learning new workout systems.

Keep the workouts fresh and YOU’LL stay fresh too.


I can’t say this enough, it make all the difference in the world.

Pretend that you are on a personal training talent contest on national TV with over a million people watching for you.

What kind of “show” would you put on the win the votes?

Factor #6, Referrals – Give your clients referral tools and intensives like $100 plastic gift cards and half off their next month of boot camp for each referral.

Do this right and watch the referrals flood in.

Factor #7, Phase Out Freedom formula – The only way to have a real business and real freedom is to hire other trainer to teach your boot camps.

Freedom with better boot camp marketing

But where most trainers screw up big time is they just spring a new trainer on their boot campers…

The boot campers end up revolting and it becomes a disaster.

But the “Phase Out Freedom Formula” makes the transition nice and smooth.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Begin the “Phase In” method by having the trainer walk around during your boot camp just learning peoples names and complimenting them.

Step 2. Have trainer continue to learn names and compliment, and also make tiny corrections to establish the “authority factor”

Step 3. Have the trainer lead the warm up as well and continue step 5.

Step 4. Have the trainer continue lead the warm up, then split the boot camp into two groups where you take one group and and the trainer takes the other.

Half way through the workout, switch groups again, and see what kind of feedback you receive about the trainer.

Step 5. Assuming all goes well in step 4, let the trainer take one class all by themselves.

Step 6. If step 5 goes well, then let the trainer take 2 classes solo.

Step 7. Continue increasing the days the trainer teaches solo until you are completely phased out.

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