Why all fitness franchises are NOT created the same.

There is a ton of information that is needed when starting a fitness franchise. One of the most important aspects is deciding which type of fitness franchise that you want to open. All fitness franchises are not created the same. There are essentially 4 basic types of fitness franchise; globo-gyms, personal training franchises, skeleton franchises and  fitness class franchises. This article will serve to educate you on the four main varieties and how to choose which type is best for your needs.


This type of fitness franchise has the huge floor plan, all the amenities that are available and large staffing requirements.  Typically when people think of joining a gym they picture these types of facilities. They are a popular depiction of a gym in the movies and on television which is what makes them the most memorable.

fitness franchise layoutsThe problem with starting a fitness franchise with a globo-gym format is the initial cost. The floor plans are huge, which means the cost of space can be double to triple of other fitness franchise formats. They have all the amenities. Amenities are nice, don’t get me wrong. A sauna, pool, hot tub, tanning booth and indoor running track all have their benefits. When constructing a building a gym these amenities can add up to costly construction numbers and after the gym is open they can be very expensive to maintain.

Typically globo-gyms do well if they can maintain steady numbers and if they can maintain their facilities. I have seen many of these style gyms that have not been maintained properly and suffer because of it. If not operated correctly with the right amount of staff these gyms see high attrition rates.

Personal Training Franchises

This is the type of franchise most personal trainers consider when starting a fitness franchise. They are lower cost as usually the franchisee just gains a title and access to marketing techniques. There are few personal training franchising opportunities that have their businesses construct a single location. Most personal training franchises encourage training out of an established facility, out of the client’s home or out of your home.

While cheap to get into, personal training franchises can be harder to maintain. These type of franchise opportunities require a large amount of customer service ability. Many times a personal trainer will train a specific social circle. If the trainer has not perfected their ability to meet the demands of high end customers they may lose an entire client list with one mistake.  A personal training franchise can be successful with the right type of person leading the training.

Skeleton Franchise

An attractive option when starting a fitness franchise may be a skeleton franchise. These franchises are based on the essentials of gym equipment. They typically are found on small floor plans inside of shopping centers and even malls. The skeleton fitness franchise is designed to run 24 hours a day with minimal interaction. A franchise on this path will typically only have a manager.

The reason that these franchises look so attractive is because there is little work that goes into maintaining the franchise. They are designed to operate on skeleton crews and cater to the busy urban dweller or corporate employee. They have steady attrition rates and it makes membership easy to maintain. Some people find this format to be far too disconnected. Some have even attributed the increase in complaints against fitness businesses to this model.

If being involved in your business is something that you want, then starting a fitness franchise with a skeleton model is not for you. These types of gyms cater to the very busy and the people who simply want to get their work out done and leave. While this may be the right format for some it is definitely not the best for everyone. Many people enjoy the social aspect that fitness activities can provide. Depending on the closeness of the community that you are building this form of franchise may prove to be less successful.

Fitness Class Franchise

The most popular type of fitness franchise is becoming the fitness class franchise. These franchises offer great support forfitness class franchise those who may be just beginning on their road to a healthy lifestyle. They provide that necessary social interaction that is not available from a skeleton franchise. A fitness class franchise is going to allow business to function whether or not one client is satisfied because there are more demographics being served then one social group. Finally fitness class franchises offer sense of personal connection that is not available from the large globo-gym varieties of franchises.

Start-up costs for class style franchises tend to be less than other forms because you are not furnishing an entire gym, with all of the amenities. Some fitness classes require no equipment at all. Others require the basics like stability balls and free weights. Either format is going to be much less initial investment because there is not an entire gym of weight machines, cardio equipment and other amenities to be furnished.

Fitness boot camp classes are becoming a popular alternative to many other forms of fitness class because they incorporate the resistance and strength elements that are essential to a great physique. As a result of this trend in the fitness industry the fitness boot camp has become a great franchise opportunity for those starting a fitness franchise. These offer all of the benefits of the other varieties with none of the drawbacks.

Greater than not equal too

After reviewing the different types of fitness franchise opportunities it is easy to see why fitness class franchises are the best franchise option. They provide most of the benefits with none of the drawbacks of the other franchises. The popularity of this format alone is enough to make anyone consider opening a boot camp franchise. It is easy to see why there are so many franchises with this specific formula opening up. Choosing a fitness class when starting a fitness franchise will ensure a successful business.

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