Why FBBC is the ideal fitness boot camp franchise opportunity in a down economy

FBBC fitness boot camp franchise opportunityWhen choosing which fitness boot camp franchise opportunity to partner with it is important to understand what benefits that they offer. It is even more important to understand the benefits that they offer to you when the economy is down and every industry is having problems. Fit Body Boot Camp is the ideal fitness boot camp franchise opportunity in a down economy for many reasons. Let’s explore those reasons and find out why partnering with Fit Body Boot Camp, even in a down economy may be the best decision in growing or starting your fitness business.

  1. 1. Unmatched marketing support

Marketing is vital in a down economy. This is primarily due to the unsteady nature of employment of clients. It is important to have marketing to keep the constant influx of new clients to replace those who may be affected by the economic down turn. Fit Body Boot Camp does everything they can to support their franchisee with diligent marketing techniques.

They are constantly looking at new ways to incorporate internet technologies to assist them in better targeting their audience. Fit Body Boot Camp has also embraced how the internet works and is constantly refining their keywords for search engine optimization. The unmatched marketing support provided by Fit Body Boot Camp is one reason that even in a down economy you are still able to start a successful fitness franchise.

  1. 2. Higher volume of clients

Many personal trainers have a hard time making enough money to fully support their families. This is because most trainers are only teaching one client at a time. Fit Body Boot Camp has figured out a method that can give the proven results of one-on-one training, but to groups of people. Clients who attend fit body boot camp classes have successful results and there are more of them. This drives sales and makes it possible for trainers to work less and make more money.

The fitness industry can be cut throat. Making sure that your income is not based on a handful of people is another reason to open a Fit Body Boot Camp. Personal trainers often train small social circles or have only a few clients who provide the majority of their income. With the Fit Body Boot Camp fitness boot camp franchise opportunity, you are no longer forced to rely on a few people as your source of income. With multiple classes a week your client roster will grow and provide you with more stability in the fitness industry.

  1. 3. Year-round training capability

fit body boot camp franchise classMany trainers who have decided to open their own boot camp have chosen to operate within parks. This can lead to a very seasonal business. If your climate is prone to either extremes of hot or cold the likelihood of year-round business dwindles. The Fit Body Boot Camp model provides that trainers use a stand-alone facility which facilitates year round training. No matter what economic climate you are in the ability to have a stable environment to conduct training in is essential to financial stability.

  1. 4. Unbeatable training

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Being prepared is the key to success in any environment. Fit Body Boot Camp does what no other fitness boot camp franchise opportunity will; they offer a 6 day university in which franchisees can come and experience training in both operations and fitness. This ability to be fully prepared before opening the doors to your Fit Body Boot Camp location will ensure that you can tackle almost any situation.

  1. 5. Amazing recruiting techniques

Recruiting is important in a down economy because of the unstable nature of membership rates. Fit Body Boot Camp provides amazing recruiting techniques to their franchisees. These recruiting techniques can provide the upper edge in maintaining a stable membership volume. Stable membership is the first step to becoming a recession proof business.

  1. 6. Proven retention techniques

Once you have recruited a member it is important to understand what will make that person want to continue as a member of your training team. Other fitness boot camp franchise opportunities may not fully understand or embrace this concept the way that Fit Body Boot Camp embraces it. They provide Fit Body Boot Camp franchisees with proven retention strategies and training. This helps maintain strong membership numbers creating a stable income flow.

  1. 7. Fair flat rate royalty fee

Many franchisors charge a variable percentage as a royalty fee. This means that the more money you make, the more money the franchisor takes. This type of royalty collection is structure to favor the franchisor. Fit Body Boot Camp favors the franchisee with a flat rate royalty fee. This means that as your business grows you will be able to keep a larger amount of your income. A fitness boot camp franchise opportunity that wants to take more of your money can end up hurting you financially.

  1. 8. Road map for success

The road map that Fit Body Boot Camp provides to its franchisees is unbeatable. The roadmap provides support for many of the essential aspects of running a business. Not only does Fit Body Boot Camp provide their franchisees with unmatched marketing support but they also use amazing recruiting and retention techniques. All three of these are essential to maintaining steady membership numbers in a volatile economy.

A system that enables you to function year round by mandating a stand-alone facility and using a flat rate royalty fee is set up in favor of the franchisee. Any fitness franchise boot camp opportunity that does not have these two elements is severely lacking foresight about the operational bumps that come with training outside and having to forfeit more of the franchisees profits.

Finally in building the roadmap to success Fit Body Boot Camp has set up trainers to succeed by allowing them to train more people than previously possible. The ability for a trainer to train 300 people in a week rather than 30 increases the profit potential tenfold. This roadmap to success is why Fit Body Boot Camp is the ultimate down economy boot camp franchise choice.