20 thing check list of things to do for starting a fitness boot camp part 2

Most of the legal aspects of starting a fitness bootcamp franchise have been taken care of with the initial ten steps on the checklist. Once most of the legal aspects have been completed you can begin to get into the fun part of starting your bootcamp business.

11. Budget

Budgeting doesn’t sound like fun but this is where planning the expenses of your business begins. In the initial phase offitness boot camp checklist startup you may find that you have to come back to this step multiple times. The main reason you will have to return to this step is that you will learn which costs are most important. Some things to consider when budgeting:

  • It is always better to spend under your budget then over
  • You can rewrite your budget if you find that you have budgeted too much or too little
  • Stick within the boundaries of what you know you will have to spend


12. Equipment

Purchasing items for your new bootcamp business can be a very exciting time. One problem that is often encountered by people when purchasing equipment is that they spend too much money. During the launch phase of starting a fitness bootcamp franchise it is important to remember the acronym KISS.  Keep it simple stupid.  If the equipment is not something you are going to need and use in every class, then it is something that can probably wait. Things you know you will need, like free weights and medicine balls, are going to be higher on the priority list. Prioritizing the equipment based on how often it is used is a good way to assess whether or not you really need it.

13. Hire employees

If you have rented a large space chances are that you will need to hire employees. Determining the main role that you want to play in your fitness bootcamp franchise will determine the number of employees to hire and what qualifications each employee needs. If you plan on doing the book keeping yourself then you don’t need to look for an accountant. If you know that your talents would be better spent inside a class than in an office, consider hiring an office manager.

14. Clients

Now you have everything you need for starting a fitness bootcamp franchise. It is time to bring out your contact list and begin getting everyone psyched about your opening classes. It is important to remember that you have to keep those clients happy. Do not overbook your opening weeks’ classes. People will not come back if they had an unpleasant experience.

15. Website

One essential item in the success or failure of starting a fitness bootcamp franchise is the marketing completed for that franchise.  A website is vital force in the success of any business. Do not make the mistake of ignoring this asset. Most people go to the internet to look for a business that they need. Designing a website that is conscience of search engine optimization can spell success for your new bootcamp business. Ignoring a website for your bootcamp is like not listing your business in the phonebook.

16. Facebook

facebook for your fitness boot camp businessIf you were questioning whether or not to create a page for your bootcamp franchise, stop. The answer is yes. 400 million people are logged into Facebook every day. Half of those check their Facebook accounts before they do anything else in the morning. Being part of this community enables you to be the first thing your clients think about in the morning. Great promotions through your Facebook community will create human billboards who advertise your classes for you. Facebook is an essential marketing tool for anyone starting a fitness bootcamp franchise.

17. Linkedin

Linkedin is new in the social media department. They are different because they are geared towards businesses. Linkedin enables networking and is like being part of an online phone book for people searching businesses. It is a simple task to create and manage a Linkedin account and many times these account show up in search engine results.

18. Policies

Creating the policies that make your fitness bootcamp run smoothly is important. Consider how you want your business to run. Do you want to collect membership dues monthly, quarterly or yearly? Do you require notification when someone can’t make it to a class or is it ok just not to show up? These are important operational elements to have in place prior to opening your doors to the public.

When drafting policies it is also important to decide which policies your customers will need to sign off on to be able to participate in your services. If you have a cancellation policy that states no refunds will be given without a medical waiver, this is a policy that you will want to make sure all of your customers know.

19. Procedures

Like creating policy, procedures ensure that your staff understand what to do in certain situations.  Some situations are going to be common sense. Other situations, especially ones that may have legal ramifications for your business should have written procedures. Examples of things that you may want a written procedure for include: accidents, injuries and complaint processes.

20. Billing equipment

Last but not least we come to billing equipment. Deciding how to accept payment is the last step before you are ready to open the doors to your new fitness bootcamp franchise. If you are going to take credit card payments at your location, it is wise to invest in a good, reliable credit card machine. Having a computer program to track those sales is also something that you may want to invest in. Once you make these decisions you are ready to start your fitness bootcamp franchise

Each of the 20 things on this checklist is important when starting a fitness bootcamp franchise. Some may not apply to your specific situation, like leasing space. If that is the case simply pass it and move on to the next step. Going through all of the steps will prepare you to open your doors and launch a successful business.


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