Starting a fitness boot camp business

planks at the boot camp franchiseComparison of starting a fitness boot camp at a local park, gymnastic center or stand-alone facility.

When starting a fitness boot camp business there are tons of things to consider. One of the most important elements of operating a fitness boot camp is the locations. There are usually three places that people see these classes: parks, gymnastic centers, stand-alone facilities. Each of the locations has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Is one location choice truly better than any other? Let’s take a look at each of the three and see which one is a cut above the rest.



When fitness boot camps start they often start in local parks. The main appeal of holding your class in a park is the cost. Parks do not charge you anything to conduct a class within their limits. When it comes to the benefits of holding fitness classes in a park aside from the cost, and the fact that you are outdoors there are fewer benefits then hassles.

When starting a fitness boot camp business in a park there is little you can do about other park visitors. There is always an uncontrolled element as to who is present when you are hosting your class. Along with people visitors there are also animal inhabitants, the more rural the park the more likely the animal population is high. When conducting outdoor classes there is a level of pre-class clean up that must occur to avoid the uncomfortable and smelly accidents that can occur when sharing your space with dogs.

Other than the control element the final problem when holding a fitness boot camp out doors is the elements. Because fitness boot camps are not actual boot camps it is hard to motivate a class to show up when it is 10 degrees and snowing. Locations that have extreme summers or winters should not have outdoor classes because it can be dangerous.

Gymnastic Center

A gymnastic center is going to provide you with the benefit of having some level of control over who is present as well as thefitness boot camp at gymnastics center climate control. When leasing space from a larger center you are subject to obeying their rules. Some gymnastic centers may prohibit the types of activities or the intensity based on their liability insurance.

One of the problems with renting a room from a gymnasium is that unlike hosting in a park you now have created overhead. Most gymnasiums that let you charge for your classes are going to expect a percentage or a flat fee for the use of their facilities. Depending on the location and the availability of the room it may be worth it to pay these fees. A fee can definitely be justified if you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather.

Many gymnasiums will not let you store your equipment in their facility. So there is the time it takes to set up as well as tear down your class set up each day. While no one would store equipment at a local park, a stand-alone facility would permit this. The amount of equipment used in your boot camp classes may be a determining factor between having an entire space to yourself or subleasing one from a larger facility.

The benefit of not having to deal with the elements of nature is worth having to deal with policies and procedures of another facility. When choosing where to host your fitness boot camp a gymnastic center is far superior to a local park.

Stand-Alone Facility

fitness boot camp franchise locationA stand-alone facility is the most expensive of the three choices. The cost of rent, and utilities can be high depending on the area that you find your space. However the freedom and flexibility that a stand-alone facility offers to someone starting a fitness boot camp business far outweigh the cost of the building and the utilities

  1. 1. Climate control

Climate control is very important when exercising. People can easily succumb to the elements without the proper clothing or hydration levels. If you live in a place that has 120 degree summers or -30 winters owning a space that has good climate control can be essential to maintaining strong membership numbers throughout the year.

  1. 2. Customization

When at a park or when leasing space from a larger facility it is hard to customize your environment. If the amenities are not present in the space when you get there, the chances of getting them are slim. If you as a trainer feel that form is one of the more important elements of your strength training portions then having a location that has no mirrors is going to hinder your ability to properly train your students. There are many other areas where the ability to customize the environment can be crucial to success when starting a fitness boot camp business.


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  1. 3. Equipment storage

If you have a class of 25 people and each person needs a set of 10lb weights you are going to end up hauling 500lbs of weight in and out of the park or leased space. This is one of the best benefits to owning a stand-alone facility. The ability to store equipment enables for a much faster start and finish to each class that is hosted. Familiar settings also make students comfortable. Knowing where to find their weights each day will give them a sense of stability and professionalism.

  1. 4. Branding

Branding is an important concept when marketing a business. When starting a fitness boot camp business the way the company is branded can make or break the success of that boot camp. It is nearly impossible to brand a business identity properly when conducting it at a local park. It becomes easier when there is a designated space, but brand identity can easily be confused if that space is leased from another company.

Having a stand-alone facility is the best way to ensure that your identity as an independent company is branded properly. If clients are confused about who is providing their services, they won’t build brand loyalty. Going to a designated facility that informs the client of the brand identity can build brand loyalty. Building brand loyalty is a key element in starting a fitness boot camp business.