The Art Of Exceeding Expectations

Under promise, over deliver.

Sadly this mantra has become a thing of the past for most businesses.

Seems that most businesses these days operate under the notion of over promise, under deliver. Shallow value delivery has become the norm, and in an attempt to get and retain clients I see fitness business owners turning to dropping their prices to ridiculously low levels just to attract and retain clients.

That’s a broken way of thinking… a royally stupid way doing business if you ask me.

Depth of product or service. Value. The experience. Results as promised. And Exceeding the clients expectation are the ONLY true pillars to build your business on foundation on.

In fact when you deliver results as promised and exceed expectations YOU WILL GET MORE CLIENTS AND THEY WILL STAY, PAY, AND REFER – it’s just that simple.

Here’s an example of over delivering value, exceeding expectations and giving your clients/customers a great experience.

Over the last two days we orchestrated a big Groupon promotion for our Los Angles based Fit Body Boot Camp locations. And it was a HUGE success in every imaginable way, and here’s why.
Now we could have simply taught our Fit Body Boot Camp owners how to go out and negotiate with Groupon, but that’s NOT the best use of their time, specially considering how deal of the day sites are less interested in working with one off business and more focused on working with big business that have multiple locations which allow deal of the day sites to get the most bang for their promotions.

I mentioned this prediction in my 2012 State of the Fitness Industry Trends and Predictions report.

So we here at the Fit Body Boot Camp HQ took the workload on ourselves and decided to make this as easy and as done-for-you as possible for our FBBC owners.

– We negotiated the promotions with Groupon.

– We crafted the offers.

– We used our “corporate” pull to set the price point higher then what Groupon would normally suggest (thereby getting more qualified leads).

– We answered the Q and A’s from purchasers on the Groupon site so FBBC owners could focus on higher value things like servicing and delivering results to their clients.

– We set up the online scheduling system for each location involved in the promotion so the FBBC owners are not overwhelmed with a bunch of random
walk ins and drop ins.

– We crafted the script, system, and agreement for our FBBC owners to up-sell the Groupon buyers into paid in full or ongoing month to month programs.

A lot of pre-planning and preparation went into this promotion. We never advertised to FBBC owners that we’d orchestrate deal-of-day promotions for them. But we did this for them and we do a lot more “unexpected” things to take the load off the FBBC owners and to drive leads and prospects for them so they can focus on what they do best, which is to deliver results, value and an amazing experience to their clients.

This is what makes Fit Body Boot Camp a better boot camp franchise business then any other thing out there. I know this for a fact like I know I’m about to take my next breath.

YOU should be that sure of your business as well.

The end result of the Groupon Promotion was this:

– Over 1200 deals were purchased.

– Over 85% of the deals purchased were at the higher price point = better leads. (the promotion was crafted this way in copy and in price to ONLY attract the higher quality prospects.)

– Our FBBC owners got to sit back (for the most part) and watch the leads roll in.

– And Groupon loved the results of the promotion and how easy we made it to work with us and how easy this was for their buyers and now they want us to do this across the country – we’d be more than happy comply 😉

My point in all this is ONE SIMPLE THING…

If you want more clients, more leads, a better business, a better relationship, to get the attention of the biggest players in the industry, to become the #1 solution for all things fitness and fat loss in your community, the formula is simple: deliver as promised. Over deliver when possible, and make it as done-for-you as you can.


Let me know what you think in the comment section below.