New Year Fitness Marketing Game Plan

I’ve said this before, I love working off lists.

Fitness Marketing Lists keep my thoughts organized, my time productive, and give me an amazing sense of accomplishment when I go through and cross things off one at a time.

Plus, if I didn’t work off lists, then I’d surly be stuck in the time suck continuum – Facebook, emails, YouTube, text message, and a slew of other time wasting things that give you a false sense of productivity.

Further, since I’m inherently a lazy guy, meaning I hate waking up early (so working for someone else wouldn’t do it for me), I don’t like being told what to do (freedom and independence is HUGE for me), I prefer doing things that make me $100 bucks rather than $10 for the same time invested.

So yeah, lists help me GSD (get shit done) quickly so I can live easy.

I’m guessing you’re a lot like me. I value living a good life, living easy. You probably want your business dialed in, all systems go, organized, predictable, and reliable and not operating by the seat of your pants, right?

Well then, the next three weeks can easily set the tone for your 2012 calendar.

I thought I could help by giving you a punch list of what to do over the next 21 days (during the month of January) so you can 1. Get the most out of the new year rush by teaching you how to get every lead, prospect and client into your personal training business. And 2. Give you momentum to continue on killing it though out the rest of the year.

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, so I thought I could help you out by giving you an outline of what to do in your business over the next three weeks. Basically you’ll focus on two things… (1. Marketing, 2. Operations)

Fitness Marketing is everything you do to get and keep clients.

And operation (systems) is what keeps the machine running like a fine Swiss watch.

Okay then!

Here’s your fitness marketing game plan for the first three weeks of January 🙂

== Week One ==


– Run the New Year Revolution email sequence and Facebook campaign.

– Personally email then call (the next day) every former client and invite them back to train with you by giving them a HUGE discount on their first month and stacking other cool bonuses like meal plans, nutrition seminars, and grocery store tours.

– Go onto each clients Facebook page and give them props for a job well done during their workout that day. When their friends comment or “like” what you wrote on their wall, reach out to them via PRIVATE MESSAGE and thank them for supporting their friend, and invite them to come try your program out for a week at no charge.


– Document your Facebook system above in a step-by-step format and put it into a three ring binder so that your assistant can do it the next time.

– Hand write thank you cards to all of your clients for being awesome, working hard and trusting you with their fitness and fat loss goals. And post script (PS.) it with: “the best complement you can give me is to refer your friends, family and co-workers to me”

== Week Two ==


– Become a better closer. All those people who came in on your New Year Revolution promotion gotta get closed. The last thing you want to do is to have 30-50 new perceptive clients and end only converting a few of them into paying clients. Get and use these personal trainer sales techniques so that you can get as much ad 90% of your leads to convert into ongoing paying clients.

– Craft and publish a killer direct response print ad in a local magazine that gets delivered to homes in your community for the month of February. And if you don’t have any decent magazines to advertise in, then craft and send out 5,000 postcards to higher end homes in your area. Here’s a blog post where I give you actual print ads and postcards that have produced BIG results for my coaching clients.


– Get all your clients on EFT (auto debit) and STOP selling block of sessions or one month at a time. Here’s a post where I teach how to set up personal training EFT.

– Deliver results, passion, enthusiasm, and energy at EVERY session or workout If you want to retain your clients and stimulate referrals.

== Week Three ==


– Commit to getting 25 lead boxes out into other “feeder” businesses. This blog post teaches in-depth personal trainer lead box marketing tactics.

– Run a two week referral generation contest for your clients. Make the first prize a free Ipad and the second price a free month of training added to the end of their program.


– Commit to better time management and to only working on YOUR five percent. I explain it all here.

– Stay on the cutting edge on the BUSINESS of personal training. Be the better trainer, the better marketer, the best communicator and the greatest value adder if you want to out think and out earn your competitors. Invest in yourself, in your business and in your families future by doing what six and seven figure producing fitness pros do.

You’ll Find all the TOP earning industry trainers here giving away their best strategies for building massively successful personal training and boot camp business.

Live easy,


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