How to Come From a Communist Country, Do Everything Wrong, and STILL Live the American Dream

Recently I was interviewed by radio host Mike Litman; author of the best selling book “Conversations with Millionaires”.

Now, I consider myself pretty high energy, BUT Mike takes high energy to a whole new level. A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Mike’s a great interviewer and really amazing at getting his guest to open up and share their success principals, life philosophies, and short cuts that led to big business breakthroughs.

Anyhow, he was kind enough to let me share my interview with you. You’ll find it down below…

And believe me… I did not hold back. It’s hard to when someone comes at you with so much energy!

In this interview I went into some serious mindset, success, and action principals from my own life – things that have directly contributed to me getting my training business off the ground, overcoming limiting beliefs, and doing ONE THING that separated me from all my competitors.

Here’s the interview…. enjoy 🙂


Click Here to Download (.mp3)

One more thing…

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