How to Leverage Your Personal Training Business

Personal training businessI always knew there was a better way, a more profitable way to run a training business.

But it wasn’t until I came across a particular book by Jay Abraham, one of my earliest mentors, that I discovered ALL the ways to leverage my training business, increase profits (and value), and actually get more free time away from my business.

I’ll tell you all about the ways I leveraged my training business and increase profits and  value proposition in just a minute


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So the Jay Abraham book I read was; “Get Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got

It opened my eyes in ways I never imagined.

It’s what led to me paying a bunch of money to learn from Jay directly.

Worth every penny for me.

That was many years ago.

And the lessons still hold true… more than ever.

NOTHING in business trumps LEVERAGE.

And once you understand how to leverage time, money, staff, technology and resources then your business becomes seemingly

See, I used to just offer in home, one-on-one training.

Then I realized that I wasn’t getting the most leverage out of my time.

I realized that I would actually make more money and work less hours if my clients came to me.

I switched my business model.

OUTCOME: My profit margins increased, stress decreased, and clients got better workouts because I we had access to way more equipment.

The I realized I could leverage further by converting from 60 minute to 30 minute sessions.

I had to change the way I trained my clients so I could get the same amount of workout intensity into a 30 minute session.
Boot Camp Workouts
OUTCOME: Even higher profit margins because  while I cut the session time in half, I only dropped the per session price by five bucks.

Plus my clients got in and out quickly, still got amazing results, and now had more time in the day.

I then reluctantly switched over to monthly EFT (auto debit) thanks to the persistent push of one of my first clients.(who later became my first business partner)

OUTCOME: Reliable, predictable revenue for me and no more awkward sales conversations with my clients every time they ran out of a block of sessions.

It wasn’t until I figured out that people would pay more for convenience that I switched over to offering other solutions that would help my clients with their fitness and fat loss journey.

– We offered meal replacement powders, and protein bars.

– Nutritional seminars and grocery store tours.

– Online training for clients on the go.

– And later group training and boot camps for clients searching for a cost effective solution to one-on-one  training.

OUTCOME: Greater value and convenience for my clients and more income, predictability and differentiation for my training centers.

As my email list of clients and prospects grew I Knew I had the opportunity to leverage that as well.

So we became an affilaite of several different fitness and nutrition info programs and started offering those to  my email list.

It just made sense… after all, since most of the people on my email list weren’t clients, but still wanted resources  on fitness and fat loss, I could offer them ebooks, workout DVDs, and nutritional info programs that made me commission and added value to their lives.

All I had to do was recommend a program. Easy enough.

OUTCOME: An additional income stream for me (with zero labor cost) and value to the people on my email list who couldn’t afford to train at my facilities.

Fitness Marketing

How many ways are you leveraging your training business?

I hope, this gave you some food for thought and ideas.

You don’t have to apply every leverage point I mentioned here.

But I highly suggest you add the leverage points that  best resonate with you and your business model.

…becuase there’s really no reason you should have to work harder then you need to when there’s a better way.