Fitness Information Marketing Autopsy Part 3

Alright then!

This is part three of the fitness information marketing launch autopsy where let you see what’s behind the curtain of a of a super successful fitness into product launch. Fitness Info Marketing

If you had any doubts or hesitation about creating, launching and profiting from fitness information products then this series should prove to you that you can, with relative easy, become a fitness information marketer.

Now if you missed part one and two, there they are:

Fitness Information Marketing autopsy Part One

Fitness Information Marketing autopsy Part Two

And this here is the last and final autopsy where I debrief Craig Ballantyne and he walks us through the entire pre-launch and launch of their high six figure launch. This is probably one of the most in-depth interviews on fitness info marketing and how to select a product idea and bring it to market.

Just click play and enjoy 🙂

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Now, if you think fitness information marketing might be something you see in your future, then I highly suggest that you take a look at this program.