Way BETTER Than a Black Friday Sale, Sale

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Hey Bedros here, If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know that I rarely have sales or discount my programs.

However, this being Thanksgiving weekend and all, and since it’s all about BLACK FRIDAY, I got caught up in the excitement of things and YOU’RE going to benefit BIG by getting half off on ALL of my fitness business building products and programs.

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The Black Friday Sale is ONLY good this weekend so don’t miss out by over eating and falling into a turkey and pumpkin pie coma đŸ˜‰

UPDATE: Since launching this black Friday sale, a bunch of people have gone though and bought ALL the programs below. So we just created the “Whole Enchilada” offer were you can get all of my best selling programs for 60% off (right below) or get 50% of each individual program program.


The Whole Enchilada
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System 9
system9Most of the trainers I talk to are doing all the wrong things and ultimately wasting a bunch of money on dead end marketing. Life is so much better when you have a predictable marketing system that gets you all the clients you need and want…System 9 brings you nine of my most effective, proven and low cost fitness marketing tactics that are guaranteed to bring new clients to your door. 

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The Art of Selling Fitness – Personal Trainer Business Course
The PT Business courseDiscover exactly how to double and even triple personal training or boot camp fitness profits within 30 short days, and learn how to run your fitness business like a multi million dollar company. Get the secrets of attracting, selling, and retaining clients from the man who consistently sold over 20,000 personal training sessions a year for five years in a row! Bedros Keuilian reveals his most guarded secrets that have helped individual fitness trainers and some of the nation’s largest personal training companies generate over $40 Million Dollars a year in revenue! If you have a personal training business or are thinking of starting a personal training business, this is the blueprint to your success. 

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Close 9 Out of 10 Training ClientsHow to Close 9 Out of 10 Clients Sales System
Close Clients is a bona-fide proven sales system for fitness professionals of all levels. It’s not a marketing system that requires additional expenses. This system is developed to take your existing prospects and convert more of them into loyal paying clients. It completely takes the guess work out of selling and teaches you how to close bigger session packages and retain clients on long term, 12 month plus agreements. 

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Fitness Info Blueprint – Creating, Marketing and Selling Fitness Info Products
fpm You’re about to discover how to take your fitness knowledge and turn it into an online info product that sctually makes you money, even while you sleep…In this step-by-step program you’re going to learn everything you need to know to go from idea to actually selling your fitness info product online in only 60 days. 

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FitPro Newsletter – Automated Fitness Marketing
Automated Fitness Marketing
This hot new technology will automate your entire client attraction system. Want to get more publicity, stimulate referrals, generate additional revenue, and position yourself as the community fitness expert? Then this is your program! FitPro Newsletter will deliver two content rich personalized newsletters to your clients and prospects every month on your behalf. Best of all you do no work! The entire thing is on auto pilot. Watch the four minute video and see how this hot new technology will change the way you attract and retain clients!
FitPro Magazine – Your Own Online Magazine
fpmWho else wants to increase website traffic, convert more leads into paying clients, build a loyal list of subscribers, and get more personal training clients by adding FitPro Magazine’s online fitness and wellness magazine to your website? FitPro Magazine is your own private-labeled online health and fitness magazine. With 16 fresh articles each month and hundreds recipes and exercises demonstration videos, FitPro Magazine seamlessly integrates into your personal training website and instantly drives traffic, generate leads and increases client retention.

Fitness SEO Dominator – How to Dominate the Search Engines
fpm Discover how to “fix” your fitness website TODAY to get you at least 2-5 new clients per week (that’s EACH and EVERY week) by consistently dominating the search engines with the most-effortless, fastest-working “SEO System” EVER developed! 

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Fitness Business Summit 2011 – The Complete Video Collection
fpm Get access to the world’s most kick ass and under the radar client getting, sales, retention, referral generation and fitness business systems EVER to help YOU generate six, multiple six and even seven figures from your personal training or boot camp business…and finally live a do-what-you-want lifestyle. 

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Fitness Studio Formula – Digital Edition
fpm Fitness Studio Formula is THE most detailed blueprint for starting a personal training studio that attracts boatload of clients and generates multiple six figures. 

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