How To Launch a Fitness Info Product (Part 2)

As you probably know by now Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion are in the pre-launch process of the 24/4 Fat Loss program. In case you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can check it out here

What I’ve decided to do what to give YOU the inside scoop on their entire launch process and basically do an autopsy of the whole thing as it’s happening, because it’s going to benefit you in two ways…

1. Whether you launch an info product or new personal training or boot camp program – the skill of crafting a launch process and deploying it could mean the difference of selling a few program right off the bat VS hundreds of your new programs and creating a windfall for yourself.

2. For many fitness trainers, creating and marketing a fitness info product is often the natural progression of being a fitness entrepreneur. So you may as learn from the best (Craig and Joel have created and launched fitness and fat loss info products to the tune of multiple seven figures. So they know and practice this thing daily. Plus they both come from the fitness industry like you and me.

Now if you missed part of the launch autopsy I did for you last week… you can find it here


In this blog post I’m going to reveal to you the strategy that Joel and CB have been using over the last three days to:

1. Build a relationship with their new list subscribers (if you’re not on their list go here, enter your email address, and get in their list so you can follow it from the inside)

2. To indoctrinate the list of new subscribers.

3. To (seed) pepper in bits and pieces of the sales copy while giving “results in advance” (a Frank Kern term) to show the list what they are missing out on.

So, if you’ve been following them then you probably saw the email below a few days ago.

RIght off the bat you can see that the headline (Subject line of the email) does three things. 1. It’s gets your attention “Gift #2: Burn fat EVERY minute of every day “, 2. In brackets it tells you that’s it’s an audio program (demonstration of greater value) which means higher open rate and higher open rates are always good :). And 3-rdly the word “Gift” – a proven word that increases open rates.

Now, reading the email you’ll see that there’s a bold claim being made. How to burn fat every minute of every day – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For the believer; this pushes them to listen to the audio program to learn how. And for the sceptic; this gets them to listen to the audio program becuase he’s going into it with a “prove it to me” attitude.

But either way, you’re going to end up listening to the audio, understanding the science and logic behind it, and come away realizing that there may be a better way to burn more fat ALL DAY LONG.

Here’s the page the link in the above email takes you to…

Again, looking at the page above you see the same consistent headline “how to burn fat every minute of every day”. Lot’s of proof elements within the site design (the dudes clearly practice what they preach, the credentials after their names in the header). And of course the call to action at the bottom of the page and a pic of the CD and MP3 image further depicting that this is an audio program.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve found in my testing that whenever you reduce “clicking” you increase money. So what I wold have done on the page above is actually embed the audio player within the page, there my reducing one click.

The next two email came over the last two day…

Email #2:

As you can see.. this one is short and sweet. Just a compelling subject line (get’s them to open), the header and short email copy that opens a “loop” in the readers mind. This type of short, punchy email is perfect for getting the single most desired action.. which is to get the reader to CLICK THE LINK.

The email leads the reader to this site (Gift 3 – the web page article down below where there’s a short video intro from Joel explaining what the article is about. The article goes on to do what GREAT sales copy is suppose to do… expose and agitate the problem and then give signs that there is a solution… one that you’ve probably never known of before.

Some other things to note on this page…

– the dudes keep the copy fun and entertaining.

– yes they use science… but what I call “simple science” to explain complex things in a way that it will make sense to the average Mr or Mrs. Jones.

– finally, at the end of the article, they point to the audio program form the day before. Because it’s CRITICAL that the indoctrination process be done right if you plan to sell a TON of your programs or products.


If you want to read this entire article (HIGH SUGGESTED) – just go here and drop your email in.

Lastly, the most recent email…

Again, very text book. A compelling subject line. Crafted to do ONE THING: to get the email opened.

The formula for this email is different then the one above it. Where the one above it created an open loop for the reader forcing him to click to see what beer and fat loss had in common . This one is crafted to get you to think. To get you to ask “what are the three reasons I’m not burning fat?”

And just like the email before it… it’s crafted to do one thing.. to get the reader to click through and go to the article page they have set up (below).

MILLION DOLLAR LESSON: Unless specifically crafted to do so, NEVER sell your product or service in your email. That’s what sales copy is for. The only thing you should be selling in your email is the click.

Here’s article #3

Again, great article! Well crafted in direct response style. Friendly, fun, BUT full of content. Agitates pain, gives the solution in the for of the WHAT and not the HOW (needles to say the is in the product which will be available soon).

And just like the article before this one… this one points to the article before it for those who may have happened to miss it. Gotta keep the indoctrination going.

One last thing… you’re probably wondering whats the point of having these 15-20 second videos above each article. Simple really, they do two things: 1. it gives the reader s fast synapsis of why they should read on. And 2 (more importantly) people want to know that you’re real. A real living breathing human and not just a stock photo. And nothing else proves that (and gets them to feel a deeper bond with you than video.

To get all the emails, videos, articles, and report from the 24/7 fat loss program just go to this special webpage and enter your email:

Talk soon 😉