Getting Shit Done

A Gift to Your Competitors

Hey, lets face it…

These days your competitors have all the same
advantages that you do.

With a simple search of google they can get any
resource and information they want.

They can get the same education as you.

They can get the same certifications as you.

They can make the same claims as you.

They can get the same marketing info as you.

They can have a similar website as you.

And they can call themselves the best trainer in
town (even though you and I know that its YOU).

But I’ve discovered one thing that can always
separate you from the pack…

…the one thing that can make you more successful,
more sought after, and more in demand.


In fact this one thing has consistently put me ahead
of the pack in everything I’ve done.

And this one thing is; GSD.

Getting Shit Done.

You get paid for done.

Your ideas don’t make you money, or get you clients,
or make you popular.

Getting Shit Done – does.

In fact, speed of implantation has been the single biggest
factor to my success and the success of many others.

Like I said… in all other ways you and your competitors
are even – very much alike.

But in this one way YOU can out earn, out position, and
out happy them. EVERY TIME!

Get Shit Done!

Speed of implantation!

Take imperfect action!

Ready – Shoot – Aim!

Talk soon,

Bedros =)