How To Launch a Fitness Info Product

The other day I asked my facebook friends if they’d be interested in me dissecting and explaining the entire launch process that Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion just started.

Basicly, it would be me, teaching you how to launch a fitness info product. Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion

I was actually shocked to hear that so many fitness trainers wanted me to do an autopsy of the entire proccess (launch videos, reports, squeeze pages, and email broadcasts).

Now, if you don’t know who Joel and Craig are… then you’re either new to the fitness industry OR you’ve been hiding under a rock. Because these two guys alone have sold tens of millions of dollars of fitness info products online since 2003. In fact Joel has been one our of guest’s at mine and Craig’s fitness info mastermind group where he’s shared a boatload of his secrets and tactics for creating and launching fitness info products.

And recently Joel broke the record for most sales of a fitness ebook (a seven figure launch) – so you definitely stand to learn a lot from these two guys.

I guess it makes sense considering that for most fitness pros the idea of creating a fitness info product is a natural progression once you’ve built a successful personal training or boot camp business. And getting the formula on how to launch a fitness info product with massive success can mean the difference of one or two sales a week VS a six or multiple six figure launch.

Here’s the post I put on facebook the other day and the response I got from everyone…

So as promised here’s the first in a series of video autopsies of the the 24/7 Fat Loss product pre-launch proccess.

Go here if you want to get every email, report and video that Joel and Craig put out during this launch process so you can build your own “swipe file” of massivly successful online marketing tactics!

Talk soon 🙂