How Bad Do You Want It?

This weekend was epic!

Bedros Keuilian
Here I am teaching direct mail marketing with postcards

Over 100 fitness pros from all across the country join me and  Craig Ballantyne in Las Vagas at the Hard Rock hotel for the “Las Vegas Project” – a two day in depth workshop where the two of us and our guest presenters; Josh Carter, Samantha Taylor, Rick Porter, John Romaniello, and Rick Kaselj taught all things marketing, systems, operations, and wealth attraction for online and off line fitness business owners.

I spent the first two hours teaching productivity, time and energy management as well as strategies to keep your mind tuned for success. Because I truly believe that without the right mindset and thought process, all marketing and success attraction tactics are grossly wasted

Like I said, this was an epic weekend and the feedback from the attendees was AWESOME! In fact the room was filled with three types of fitness pros… those looking to market one-on-one personal training programs, those looking for boot camp marketing ideas, and trainers who wanted to create fitness info products. And the presenters made sure that all three groups of trainers went home with tons of step-by-step tactics to take their business to a better level of financial security.

Bedros Keuilian Personal Trainer Marketing
The audience at the Las Vegas Project (pic compliments of Josh Carter)


One other thing we talked about was hunger – wanting something bad enough so that when you encounter an obstacle, and you will, that you’ll keep on keeping on. This is probably one of the most overlooked traits of successful people.

This video explains it all…

Hope you got the message in this video. It’s worth sharing it with your clients, too.