Blackout, Hard Rock and Making ( a ton of) Money Online

Hey, Bedros here… hope you’re doing awesome! =)

This past weekend Craig Ballantyne and I held our “100K Fitness Info Mastermind” meeting at the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego.

Other than the complete black out that took place for about 11 hour through the night, the weekend was down right amazing! The fitness members in this mastermind group are super driven, success minded, action oriented and live an abundant life.

These are fitness pros that that came from all over the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia who have a burning desire to create info products such as ebooks, DVDs, and membership sites that deliver tons of content and value to folks all over the world.


One mastermind member, Mark Costes, gave me this gift (a bottle of Corzo fire water 😉 and this card… Check out his note below…

And in addition to mastermind for three days, we got workouts in together, breakfast, lunch, and dinners AND on the last night we had a VIP party on Saturday night on the roof top lounge at the Hard Rock.

Good times all around!

But the point of this blog post is to give YOU some stuff from the mastermind so that you can use it to blow up your fitness business.




Okay, so things got a little carried away - - again 🙂


While I can’t share the specific tactics, resources, and strategies that we taught at the mastermind (wouldn’t be fair to all the people in it who are paying for the cutting edge information) I can give you these tips…

1) Persistence leads to greatness.

2) Combining a numbered-mission-goal (i.e. helping 1 million people or 10000 in your city) accelerates success because it attracts action and support into your business.

3) All top earners live by the 5% rule and train people (often in-person) to take over their easily outsourced responsibilities. Your 5% should be spent on your unique abilities that bring you the highest ROI.

4) Having a passion leads to profit and production because you’ll work harder on your topic even when the going gets tough.

5) Take action now to attract success, and apologize later for any toes you might step on.

6) Network/mastermind and attend other info marketing events (like The Las Vegas Project).

7) You make time, you don’t find time. Set deadlines. Cut your deadlines in half. You’ll get it done if you make time for it.

And here are some key points from a few of the mastermind members…

Maria Mountain,

“The mastermind was amazing as always – the information was excellent.  Bedros gave us some new strategies that internet marketers at the top are using – the real cutting edge stuff, but our fellow mastermind members shared their experiences and lessons from the trenches as they work their way to the next level.

The tip or strategy that I valued the most from the mastermind came from Mark Widawer – his tip to create the sales letter first and then the product was a real mind shift for me.  It makes perfect sense – get to the root of what your clients need first then build a product to satisfy that in every way.”

I even got to go to dinner with the Verizon guy


Yuri Elkaim, (Made $45,000 in a three day launch)  

One of the best masterminds to date. Mark Widawer was awesome and gave us some really valuable insight as to why we should create the marketing before our product. Create the marketing before the product. Doing so, gives you more creativity and flexibility from which you can then build your product.


Travis Stoetzel,

I love being around everyone at the mastermind and the info is just top notch.  The ideas you create while hearing others talk are just crazy!  My big take-a-way was Charge more for my services as I have a TON of value to give.

Mike Inscho,

The Mastermind this past weekend was great. I had a blast connecting with the other members and the info about sales copy and Bedros’ approach to selling was awesome. The one strategy I thought was the most valuable was Mark Widawers approach to writing sales copy. Simple, effective and easy.


Rob and Yuri from Canadia are clearly plotting a "bald and beautiful" scheme

Rick Kaselj,

“What do you think would happen to your info business business if you were locked in a room with 32 successful 6 and 7 figure info business owners who are there to share what is working for them, are happy to help you avoid mistakes that they have made and are their to show you 5 and 6 figure opportunities that you don’t see?  I agree with you, It would blow up your info business.  That is what the 100K Info Mastermind group with Bedros Keullian and Craig Ballantyne is about.”

Joseph Arangio,

Both Coach Craig and Coach B. gave me excellent advice. To fast track my
success, Coach Craig recommended I focus on
and place other projects on hold.

Coach B. suggested I share up to 75% recurring lifetime commission with my affiliates.

Almost instantly after heeding their advice, I created joint ventures with some of the
world’s most successful fitness professionals and SEO gurus.

Mark Widamar expaining how protein goes directly into the muscles

Dan Go,

This mastermind was the most epic for me for two reasons: 

1. I was able to build relationships with current and future successful internet marketers in my industry.  This fact alone is the most powerful aspect of being in a mastermind.  “Your network is your net worth” is something I stand by and living by that has never failed me.

2. The content was top notch and the guy that blew me away the most was Michael Parrella.  Dude is a freaking genius and I know you’ll be hearing a lot about him in the near future.  I wish I could divulge what he talked about but I’m sworn to secrecy.I have hundreds of things I need to put into action but the big mindset shift I learned was that content is great but the biggest value you get from the masterminds is being able to connect with other people who could help further your business.

Relationships are #1 when it comes to internet marketing and if it wasn’t for this mastermind I wouldn’t get the opportunities that are on my plate right now.

Bedros here, speaking of Michael Parrella, I just got this text from him. He made over $24K in only 7 days with a little tactic I taught him. AWESOME!


Robert Phillips,

It was my first meeting…it’s always good to associate with smart, ambitious, action-oriented, high-achieving people…you can never know too many…you are heavily influenced by the people surrounding you so I try to surround myself with people who lift me up…not drag me down…this room was full of “lifter-uppers” not “dragger downers”….I also love the international flavor…Aussies, Kiwis, Canucks, now if we could only get some Europeans, South Americans, etc 

I typed up 8 pages of notes while I waited 3 hours for my delayed flight yesterday (perhaps a blessing in disguise as they were 3 productive hours).  There were many ideas, strategies, and tips but these 2 are at the top of my notes….
TAKE IMPERFECT ACTION…just f’ing do something…if it fails, you’ve discovered something that doesn’t work (a good thing), take what you’ve learned and redirect course, repeat as often as necessary to succeed…

MAKE THE FIRST SALE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE (i.e. separate the buyers from the “window shoppers” as soon as possible)….Agora Example:  Buyers are worth 10x what non-buyers are worth (list of buyers is worth ~$500 each….list of non-buyers is worth ~$50 each)….that means non-buyers do have value (at least in this example) but the focus should be on buyers.

*** BTW, Robert is not only a 100K Info Mastermind member but also THE top copywriter for Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy.


Serious SEO tacitcs being shared here...


Jared Dicarmine, 

The recent mastermind that I attended was my very first one. I joined this special group of people in late April. After the first day, I was completely blown away by the numbers that people were doing with their online businesses, the hard work, tenacity, and bright ideas that they had.

My favorite part of the entire mastermind is the motivation you get from seeing what others are doing with their businesses. If you think you’re working hard on your online business, go to one of these and you’ll see you’re really “hardly working” at all. Plus the other amazing thing I experienced was the support and networking with other like minded, bright and super cool people that were there.

We all spoke the same language and wanted the same things and are willing to help one another reach our goals. This is something you cannot understand or experience sitting in front of your computer. This alone is worth it all. I am forever grateful for joining this group and realize it is the best investment in my business that I could ever have done.

The information that was taught was really deep, especially from Bedros himself when it came to secret NLP stuff and positioning yourself as an expert. And no I’m not talking about “writing great content.”

Samantha Taylor,

It is SO powerful to meet with other people in your industry and pick their brains about what is working and what is not. And of course Bedros always shares hot tips about what is making him crush it in the info market.

Every time he talks, thousands of dollars of ideas just fall right out of his mouth! You have got to do what you can to get around this guy! I am so focused now with what to do with my new Sugar Addiction info product and from being in THIS mastermind, I know exactly what to do.  Being a part of this group is so different then just throwing a bunch of stuff together and hoping it works.

When you attend these masterminds and apply what you learn, you WILL make your money back and much, much more.  Why reinvent the wheel and waste time?  Invest the money to learn what others are doing and make it happen!  That is one thing I LOVE about these masterminds.  Especially after this last one, I know EXACTLY what I am doing to get this info product dominating my niche and that is exactly what you learn at these masterminds.

I LOVE THEM! And of course the hanging out with the other people at the parties and dinners rocks.  I get so much out of just hanging out with these cool guys and gals, that aspect of the mastermind is a huge part of the value as well.  You will talk about so many great ideas and learn from the people doing it and you will also make some great friends.

My big take-a-way was this: Stop messing around with all the little stuff that is busy work. Sure having lots of fans on facebook is great, but that is not your big money mover.  Getting SEO traffic, pumping out articles on your blog, getting you tube videos out there, contacting some potential affiliates in your local sphere of influence….those are your big leverage movers that can propel your info product faster than anything you can do.

I learned to stop messing around with feeling important because you are being “busy” and get to the real nitty gritty stuff that makes a difference.

Ask yourself, “If there were only 3 things I was able to do today….3 that is it…what 3 things would be the most important things that will really propel my business forward?”  Each day, get those 3 things done NO MATTER WHAT and then let everything else come after it.

You just watch, from the same advice I just gave you, right now I am only on the second page for Sugar Addiction for my info product, in the next couple of months I will be dominating that first page and selling tons of programs.  Get focused my friends! Don’t just watch other people be successful, take action and claim it for yourself.

So I invited Ballantyne to my suite and he decided to pee out the window!

Sara Dean,


The mastermind was amazing this weekend.  The cohesiveness of the group created an energy that was overwhelming.  Spending time brainstorming with that many passionate info marketers can’t help but inspire you to dream big, really big, for your business. 

The peer to peer learning was phenomenal, as was the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with other members.

Bedros’ new squeeze page tips were super helpful and totally different than what most industry people are doing for squeeze pages.

Cannot wait to put that magic into action.  I also loved learning Bedros and Craig’s Bump, Set, Spike method – invaluable for taking your business to the next level and selling high end products!  Thanks B and CB!

Bedros here again, hope this post gave you some ideas to take your online OR offline fitness business to the highest level.

I was totally inspired at the mastermind and again when I got the emails above from the members in the mastermind. I hope this post gave you that motivation and inspiration to invest in yourself and take it to the next level!

B =)