This weekend I’ll be spending a few days with some of the most ambitious, driven, and focused people in the fitness industry at my “100K Fitness Info Mastermind” meeting.

Most of the members in the fitness info mastermind group don’t know this about me, but I’m totally impressed with how driven they are and how hard they work.

I mean for the most part, every single one of them are fitness trainers who run successful offline personal training or boot camp businesses, all while creating a second business – an info business online.

It’s no easy task, but they’re doing it and many of them are seeing fast and amazing results with their fitness info products – in fact, several of them are already generating 6 figures a year online.

I’m talk’in about “Ordinary” fitness trainers like Sara Dean, Rob King, Shawna Kaminski, Brett Campbell, Dustin Maher, Dan Go, Cabel McElderry, Maria Mountain, Samantha Taylor, Dr. Peter Osborn, Yuri Elkaim, and Josh Carter just to name a few…

…and while they’re ordinary trainers to the untrained eye, they’re extraordinary in the way they think, work and run their businesses.

Since I’m lucky enough to work with and coach these guys and gals I thought I’d give you an insider’s perspective on what makes them tick so that you realize that they are no different than you; two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears, a head with a brain (just like yours), 24 hours in a day, and a burning desire to help others.

But there are three characteristics that make these guys and gals so successful in their personal training and boot camp businesses – and now, in their online info businesses, too.

1. They know that the reason people fail is becuase of these two reasons;

A) The thoughts that occupy their minds, and…
B) The people they surround themselves with.

So they’re constantly updating and upgrading their mindset and they surround themselves with people who share like passions by joining masterminds of like minded individuals.

2. They ruthlessly manage their time and only do things that are within their highest values and core competency. They do this by…

– working off lists every day
– batch processing like tasks
– hiring and outsourcing to assistants
– only focusing on their critical 5% and outsourcing the trivial 95% (which still has to get done, but not by them)

3. They realize that it’s about more than just marketing.

– it’s about being talked about in the community.
– its about putting people first.
– it’s about delivering results.
– it’s about exceeding expectations.
– it’s about giving recognition and appreciation to their clients, prospects and partners.
– it’s about bringing the enthusiasm and energy online and offline becuase we’re all attracted to enthusiastic and high energy people.

At the end of the day it comes down to YOU.

How bad do YOU want it?

Do YOU feel that YOU deserve it?

Do YOU have a burning desire to get it?

Do YOU believe in YOU?

I do.