The Fitness Business Summit Hot Seat Session

Frank Kern at the FBS
Here's Frank Kern getting sworn in (to share all his marketing strategies) before speaking at FBS11

I hope you had an awesome weekend! And for that matter, I summer is treating you well.

I’ve been taking most of summer off and hanging with the family, spending time in the pool and at the beach with Andrew and Chloe and getting my right arm back into shape after experiencing a full bicep tear and reattachment seven weeks ago. (which is why you haven’t seen a lot of emails from me recently)

All I have to say is THANK GOD for the fact that I’m left handed. It would have royally sucked had I torn my left bicep. But recovery’s been fast, and my right arm is near 100% function.

Early last week I was going through footage from Fitness Business Summit 11 as I was deciding whether or not I was going to put on Fitness Business Summit in 2012. In that process I came across the bonus “hot seat” session that we held which was something new I had done this year.





Anyway, the hot seat session was a total hit, because I was able to sit with individual fitness trainers on stage and with the help of the 410 person audience and we solved a LOT of fitness business, sales, and marketing challenges right there on stage.  Frank Kern was also there to share his marketing secrets.

So I thought it wold be cool to share the hot seat session with you, seeing as you might have some of the same business challenges as some of the fitness trainers on stage.

Here’s the hot seat video footage for you… enjoy =)


Hey, if don’t have the video footage of FBS11 and want to pick it up just go here.

I’ll be pulling the sales site down soon and taking it off the market like I have with past Fitness Business Summit footage.