Health Club Promotions

Creating a health club promotions program is not that complicated at all. And if you decide to “wing it” and not create a system for promoting your health club then you’re going to find yourself struggling to stay in business.

Scheduling Health Club Promotions

A solid way to create a health club promotions program is to get a calendar and start scheduling different lead generating systems on it for the entire month. A good rule of thumb is to have 4-6 health club promotions each month.

For example, you may put out lead boxes within the first few days of the month, then five days later you might get out 2000 door hangers promoting your one week trial offer and a week after that you run another health club promotions program.

The key is to have systems at the ready so you never have to use guess work when you’re in health club promotions mode.

One thing I suggest to my clients is to make a list of 15-20 promotions they can run. And then get your calendar and add them to it for the next 3-4 month. This way you know what health club promotions are going to run each week and you can have plenty of time to prepare.

Keep Health Club Promotions Simple

Another thing to consider is to create health club promotions that are low cost and don’t have a lot of moving parts, because the last thing you want to do is have complicated and confusing programs that overwhelm you.

If you want easy to use ideas for health club promotions I suggest that you look through this blog and also check out the video page on here for more options as well as this article on health club email marketing.