Personal Trainer Websites That Produce Results

If I were to take an educated guess… I’d say that most personal trainer websites are dropping the ball big time when it comes to lead generation.

A solid personal trainer website is one that gets people to want to say on the site, read it, and take action like giving you their contact info in exchange for a free report or video or to get them to pick up the phone and call you.

Personal Trainer Websites Compelling And Rich With Testimonials

personal trainer websites advice by Bedros KeuilianNow, in order for people who visit your personal trainer websites to call you or opt in you’ve got to make your personal trainer websites very compelling, benefit rich and pack it to the brim with tons of testimonials – because nothing is more powerful then seeing a before and after picture of someone who achieved amazing results after working with you.

The glaring problem however with most personal trainer websites is that they are nothing more than glorified business cards. Some of the worst personal trainer websites I’ve seen have no headline, no testimonials, they list their prices right on the site (bad move) and they only talk about you, the trainer, and why you’re such an awesome trainer.

What people want to see when they come to your personal training websites is “reasons why” they should work with you. So the key here is to load your personal trainer websites with before and after pictures of clients, video testimonials, and compelling copy that tells the reader why they should hire you. The more you talk about yourself on your personal trainer websites the more likely you are to lose that client.

You’re main goal with your personal trainer websites is to get people who visit it to stay and not click away and to take some type of action, be it opting in with their email and/or phone number or simply buying your services right off your site.

Build Your Personal Trainer Websites Right – Get The Leads!

So if you have one or several personal trainer websites be sure to take the time to build them right because well designed personal trainer websites can easily give you dozens of new leads each and every month.

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