Personal Training Websites

Personal training websites are critical if you want to get the most out of your fitness training or boot camp business.

Personal Training Websites – Get Your Prospects!

personal training websitesMost personal training websites are nothing more than digital fliers that do a horrible job at getting leads and prospects for you. The best personal training websites are those that have the five key factors that get you leads, get people interested in your services, and makes them want to call you and start a training program.

If you have a personal training website that isn’t producing results for you then pay close attention to these five key factors for creating killer personal training websites that get leads and dominate the search engines.

5 Key Factors For Personal Training Websites

1)     Headline. When someone visits our personal training websites they’re probably going to give you no more than three to six seconds before they click off. The big factor that’s going to keep them on your site Is the headline. If you’re personal training websites don’t have a benefit rich, compelling headline that gets the site visitor to stop and take notice then you’re going to miss out on that lead.

2)     Talk about them, not you. Another huge mistake I see on that most trainers make on their personal training websites is they talk about themselves, their accomplishments, and what they do. You’re future client can care less about that. They just want to know what’s in it for them and what benefits they will see. So when you’re writing copy for your personal training websites be sure to use the “you” 10x more than the word “I”.

3) Write compelling copy. People visit your personal training websites and they want to be sold and not just given bland information. The number one thing you can do to sell people on your personal training websites without being all salesy is to learn to write compelling copy that educates, positions you as the expert, backs that with real social proof and tells a story. Of course no personal training websites can get the job done without a call to action.

4) Proof elements deliver results. It’s a proven fact that personal training websites that use proof elements like testimonials, before and after pictures and videos get more leads, make more sales, and just flat out produce better results. The trick is to have not just one or two testimonials are your personal training websites but to have an army of social proof. What you want is for people to come to your personal training websites and realize that you are the fitness and fat loss solution they are looking for and the only way that can happen is if you have a ton of third party testimonials peppered though out your personal training websites.

5) Optimize and dominate. Now just having the four elements above on your personal training websites is enough to convert visitors into leads and leads into clients. But what you really want is more traffic to your personal trainer websites. The single best way to get more traffic is to get your site on the top of the first page of google and other search engines. And the only way to get your personal training websites to rank high is doing proper search engine optimization (SEO).

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