Midgets, Mindset and Money

I have something cool for you – a free gift that can totally change the way you look at your life and business.

It’s actually footage from Fitness Business Summit 11 where I shared some REALLY high level stuff on mindset, setting yourself up for success, and why most people are stuck in mediocrity (and how you can break through).

I wanted to pass this video along to all of my clients, customers, subscribers, blog followers, and friends who didn’t or couldn’t make it to Fitness Business Summit 11 a couple weeks ago.

I just want to thank you for your business and show my appreciation to you by giving you a little something that I know will help you achieve your goals, dreams and higher purpose.

Now I should tell you that this video is probably going to make you laugh AND then pucker when you see the political incorrectness that takes place on stage, but that’s just part of the fun – and I should tell you that no “little people” were hurt in the making of this footage (except the one you see in the video of course).

Enjoy 🙂


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