The Legend Of Fitness Business Summit

I’m finally recovering from this past weekend. I can actually think at a normal pace and feel like “working” again.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, this past weekend was Fitness Business Summit 11. And with 400 plus fitness pros from seven countries in attendance, and a speaker line up UNMATCHED by not only other fitness industry events but also by general marketing, selling, client getting and business development seminars and workshops.

And that’s not me saying it – that comes from people who attended (both fitness and none fitness folk)

You’d think this was a lot of people…

But there was way more…

Just taking this picture proved to be a monumental task. Needless to say there was no way to get all 400 attendees in the pic. So if you were way up front or way off to the sides… sorry you got cut off 🙂

FBS 11 had a car give-a-way. Congrats to Nitin Chhoda for winning the Land Rover for a year!

FBS 11 had break dancers – actually known as “B Boys” who put on a killer opening show and then pulled some attendees up on stage to battle it out.

FBS 11 had nightly parties thinly veiled as “networking functions” with a DJ and open bar. Good times was had by all 🙂

FBS 11 had cool prizes and cash give-a-ways like ten Kodak Zi8 hi-def video cameras and two iPads PLUS a bunch of cash stuffed in plastic eggs and thrown out to the audience by my som and daughter Andrew and Chloe.


proud papa watches as the money filled egg thrown by Chloe (or maybe Andrew) goes flying into the audiance

FBS 11 even had a mini me. Yep, who knew you cold go to and ACTUALLY rent a little person who looks just like you. The entire place went WILD when Josh announced me and my little me came up instead. Ha! Awkward, funny, and a bit politically incorrect all at once.

I get a kick out of making people pucker =)

And then I was ambushed on stage and presented the industry achievement and excellence award for helping thousands of fitness trainers achieve financial freedom, a better lifestyle and a kick ass business over the last decade. THANK YOU so much for this awesome award!

Here’s the video of me getting squirmy when Steve came up to present the award to me.

Like I said, Fitness Business Summit was HUGE and jam packed with actual step-by-step strategies, tactics and systems from real fitness trainers who are actively in the industry and making six and some even seven figures.

Well, not every speaker was from the fitness industry… my pal Frank Kern came out, took the stage and shared a ton of info on how to find the best clients and get them to work with you, along with his two commandments for absolute success:

1. Thou shalt not f#ck around.

2. Thou shalt not be a pus$y.


Frank Kern dropping serious client getting tactics at FBS11

Frank also won the best speaker award voted by the attendees which means I donate $3,000 to his charity of choice. Being irreverent and literally challenging all 400 fitness trainers to a fight apparently gets you votes. Ha!

Speaking of charities THANK YOU to everyone who donated money for Shriners Hospital for Children. I matched your donation and we gave over $5,000 to Shriners. Y’all always come through big time!


And then there was my buddy Garrett Gunderson who’s in the 25K mastermind group I’m in and is killing it in the financial advice world came out and taught everyone five way to go back home and save AT LEAST 10% of your money from going to the “man”. Garrett teach entrepreneurs like you and I how to keep the money we make by making small and simple tweaks within your business and money management behavior.  He totally rocked it!


The most awesome, hot, and talented team of the HQ represent!

Every presenter rocked the house!

– Lindsay Vastola who’s killing it with her multiple boot camps! Lindsay walked the audience through her proccess of crafting powerful emails with compelling subject lines that get opened, read and convert prospects into boot camp clients.

– Alex Maroko took the stage and taught his formula for writing sales copy for fitness info products. Now if you didn’t know this, good copy writing skills means you can literally print money.

– Cara Eckerman, a multiple Fit Body Boot Camp owner shared how she gets ALL her clients through word of mouth. Referrals are her best and ONLY source of clients and she does this by building a loyal tribe and conditioning them to bring in their friends, family and co-workers.

– Elliott Hulse, not only one of the coolest dudes I know, but also a man who does things his way and is damn good at it. Elliott’s message was simply get out there and do it, even if you THINK you don’t know what you’re doing. In two words… business courage.

– Craig Ballantyne, my good pal from Canadia and also co-runs the fitness info marketing mastermind with me was brilliant on stage. He gave the audience the politically incorrect truth about internet marketing and showed everyone in attendance why most people fail at marketing and selling stuff online and how they can all succeed by modeling his blueprint for massive success.


Craig Ballantyne drpp'in the "truth"

– Dustin Maher got up on the stage and blew it up! Here’s a guy who’s got 11 boot camps (all packed to the gills) and a thriving info business and he shared how to stay focused, goal oriented and get what you want from your life and business. just killer stuff!

– John Kent had his own opening act, and it was wild. The guy is a true showman and taught everyone the strategies he uses to get tons of media publicity.

And then there was Cabel, Josh, and Steve and they were the “secret weapons” of the weekend. All I can say about them is systems to run your business like a well oiled machine (or my GT-R), Facebook list building and client getting tactics that NO ONE other than the attendees at FBS11 have heard of, and Bootcamp exploding strategies that cost you nothing yet give you TONS of new clients.

Cabel, Josh, and Steve were the early bird bonuses and they totally CRUSHED IT!

Now I should say that putting on an event (a show really) like this could not happen without awesome presenters, an amazing staff, and our sponsors who come out and give such amazing value deals on services and products that automate, systematize, and increase profits for your training business.

First off I want to thank my wife Di and my mastermind assistant Bryn for taking the lead on this event and working super hard to organize the entire thing for the last five or six month. They got the event venue, sponsors, audio and video dudes, the cars to display and give-a-way at the summit, the parties organized the speakers and time line dialed in and about a hundred and fourteen other things that all go into putting on an event like this.

Bryn and Di - three sheets to the wind at the Saturday night pary

Because of Di and Bryn the rest of us at the HQ were able to keep focused on the day to day business like growing and working with Fit Body Boot Camp owners, selling products and services (to fund FBS 🙂 ) doing customer service, and working with my mastermind coaching clients and making them a ton of money.

And big thanks to Josh Cater for MCing the event which gave me time to hang out, take pictures and connect with all the attendees.

Me and Josh. Sorry ladies, we're taken 😉

Of course without our sponsors this event would not have been as fun, cool and profitable 🙂

Big thanks to the following sponsors. You should know that they’re not here because they paid, but becuase we invited them to sponsor FBS11 becuase me and my clients, customers, and friends us their products and services.

Be sure to click the logo’s below and pay theses site a visit…

Vitabot – the folks who make online nutrition planning easy to do and profitable for you. personal trainer management system. One of the best client and trainer management systems I’ve ever come across.



WYM Print – my man Reza is awesome at printing all your forms, contracts, business cards and anything that needs printing. Best of all his work is
always on time and he beats all competitors prices.

 – this is the place that makes and ships most of my “hard” info products like DVDs and Manuals. They also do duplication and fulfillment for many of my friends in the internet and info marketing space. Love these guys!



Fitness Website Formula – These are the guys that makes those killer sales sites, blogs, and membership sites for my coaching and mastermind clients. They’re bad ass at what they do which is why I refer my highest level clients to them and ONLY them.




Fit Body Boot Camp – what can I say about FBBC other than it’s the ONLY and biggest boot camp brand and business model trusted by fitness pros world wide. Plus the two founders are super cool 🙂



I’ll end with this… Fitness Business Summit is more than just a three day event where fitness trainers go to learn the things that the certification organizations, the big conferences, and higher education didn’t teach us about the BUSINESS and INCOME GENERATING aspect of the industry.

FBS is about  YOU getting re-motivated, finding focus and re-igniting you passion for your fitness business. Because contrary to popular belief there are fitness trainers (thousands of them) who have no problem getting clients, selling programs, having freedom, and building a very cool and profitable six, multiple six and even seven figure generating business. And you can find these “renegade trainers” at Fitness Business Summit and right here on this very blog.