Setting The Record Straight – Bedros Keuilian Scam

== Addressing the Bedros Keuilian Scam fake complaints found online ==

After a decade of serving the fitness industry and helping thousands of personal trainers get more clients, grow their business, create operating systems, multiply their income, and win their freedom – I Need To Set The Record Straight on something.

Frankly, I hate that I’m having to even address something negative on an otherwise positive blog… but I think this is something that must be addressed since I’ve been called a scam and ripoff by someone who considers himself a “competitor”.

This blog post is an open letter to the fitness industry. It’s not so much meant for my close friends, customers, clients, and subscribers who already know me, invest in my products, use my services, join my high level mastermind coaching programs and come to my live events. It’s safe to assume that you guys clearly know who I am, what I stand for and know my level of integrity.

This “open letter” is meant for those fitness trainers who don’t know me yet, who stumble upon my blog, randomly find me on search engines or come across me on Facebook. If that is you… and you are new to me and then please take a moment to read this post.

As a matter of fact before I go any further I should qualify who I am by letting you read what some of your colleagues and many of the biggest names in the fitness industry have to say about me, my products, and my services – read this.

And you can meet a few of my mastermind coaching clients who I’ve helped take their training businesses to seven figure by reading this post.


See, last month (February 2011) there was a two week period where someone decided to post a bunch of false and fame complaints and accusations about me and my organizations on several online consumer sites. These are sites that do not check the validity of the complaint or accusation – they simply publish whatever anyone types on their site. Sad.

This person (a competitor)  accused me of being a fraud, a scammer, that the info I teach doesn’t work, and of all things… of being chubby!

The latter accusation was what offended me the most as I’m actually in the best shape of my life…lol.

Here’s proof…

If you actually read the claims this person made on these sites you’ll see that they obviously haven’t bought any of my products or used my services (it’s clear from the way they write). In fact the coward chose to not use his name but actually posted his comments using the names of my clients and employees (as you’ll see in the screen shot below).

Now, one thing I don’t talk about much is all the weird things that come with being in the ‘lime light” like the occasional death threat, hate mail, and the strange nude pictures and poems that get sent to me from “fans”, stalkers, and weirdos…

…which I guess comes with the territory of being out there and often times saying and teaching things that go against the gain, are out of the box, and challenge the business belief systems of many.

And now I can finally  say that I’ve been called: Bedros Keuilian the scam.

While I joke about it, the truth is that this stuff does hurt to read and it may in fact stop someone from investing in my programs should they read and believe the lies.

But it’s not all weirdos

I should also say that not a day goes by where I don’t get cool stuff delivered to the HQ from my most awesome clients and customers. Thanks for the Starbucks gift cards, the hand written thank you notes, the custom made “Bedros Bars” protein bars and all the cool gadgets and things y’all send. Very cool of you 🙂

I’m enormously blessed and grateful for having the opportunity to help the fitness industry, the industry that I love, come from, and see as my calling.

And while I didn’t ask or choose to become the “biggest” guy in fitness business coaching and consulting, I realize that over time and through repeated proven results I’ve gained that role and for that I’m truly thankful, becuase without your trust in me, that would not have happened.

And with this level of success comes the occasional hate mail, threats, weirdos, and stalkers, it also gets the haters fired up. And that’s what I believe happened during those two weeks in February.

But I’ve chosen to write this open letter for two reasons…

1. Those of you who know me, know that I’m fully transparent and I feel that as my friends, clients, customers, and subscribers you deserve to know what’s happening in my world (rather than hearing rumors or gossip).

2. This post is for new trainers who don’t know me as well and may come across those fake and poorly crafted consumer complaints and now you get to read the truth about who I am and the results that my products, services, and events produced for fitness professionals worldwide.

With that said, you should also know that I’m NOT for everyone.

In fact my message my not resonate with all trainers – If you still want to train one-on-one, trade time for dollars, sell single or small session packages, not leverage staff and technology, if you choose to avoid putting your clients on monthly auto debit (EFT), and decide not use proper direct response and lead generation marketing systems, and or make the fatal mistake of not carving out a proper niche for yourself then God knows MY PROGRAMS ARE NOT FOR YOU.

And so with that… here’s one of the posts the “hater” put up about me which I thought was rather entertaining so I posted it up on Facebook for all to see.

During the time between February of 2011 and April of 2011 this person went on a rampage and posted fake complaints, lies, and false reviews of my products and services. I could only assume that he thought it was funny to use the names of my best clients, employees and even my wife’s name when posting these scam “reviews”… as though it was them who posted these reviews.

I guess the point I’m making here is that… 1. While the internet is so awesome and such a great platform, it can also be used for evil by people who have nothing but hate in their hearts. 2. Anyone, and I mean anyone can fall victim to fake and misleading online reviews, scam, and ripoff complaints… even you. So google your  name often and see what comes up, becuase I was blown away when we saw what this jerk of a competitor did in an attempt to ruin my reputation.

Thanks for reading. And if you’d like to know more about me, then check out this legit Bedros Keuilian Review page.

And if any of my products, services, live events and free content found on this site have helped you in your business, I’d like to know. Leave me a comment down below if you can =)