Why FBBC is the ultimate boot camp franchise

There are many options for a boot camp franchise. It can be difficult to determine which boot camp may be the right fit for you. Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) is a franchise model that can be adapted to fit everyone looking to start a fitness franchise.

So what makes FBBC the ultimate boot camp?

  1. Training
  2. Nutrition and meal plans
  3. Community
  4. Marketing
  5. Support
  6. Consumer Satisfaction

These 6 simple attributes are the reasons that Fit Body Boot Camp excels as a franchise opportunity.


Fit Body Boot Camp offers a unique training experience that is not available in other boot camp franchise opportunities. The 6 day Fit Body Boot Camp University offers training in both operations and fitness training. If the Fit Body Boot Camp University is not enough training there is also an online component where franchisees can access marketing, sales and systems support. This type of training ensures that the franchisee is ready and able to meet all of the demands of their clients from day 1.

In addition to the university and online training FBBC also offers the phone support for business training. It is like having a personal business coach available by phone to answer all the questions that you may have. The phone support is accompanied by regional development support. This helps each Fit Body Boot Camp excel in its own region. This type of training is unparalleled in the boot camp industry.

Nutrition and Meal Plans

Hiring a nutritionist is expensive. Most personal trainers are not certified nutritionists. Knowing these two things Fit Body Boot Camp decided that it would be a benefit to all of their franchisees if they offered nutrition and meal plans. Each client of a Fit Body Boot Camp will reap the benefits of these meal plans and nutritional support without the franchisee having to hire a nutritionist to be on staff.


Fit Body Boot Camp understands that it is important to be part of a community. The support for franchisees provided by FBBC is unparalleled in the boot camp franchise market. Fit body boot camp offers an online community as well as an annual conference where all FBBC owners can get together and discuss the tricks of the trade. There is also a monthly newsletter to keep all participants involved with the FBBC vision.


Marketing is the single most important element to any boot camp. The successful or unsuccessful marketing of the boot camp is directly related to the way the boot camp thrives. Fit Body Boot Camp continually works on bettering the search engine optimization for their franchise. This means that those who have invested in the FBBC name have access to the keywords that are going to make them number one on the list of search results with the top three search engines.

Facebook is the world’s largest network of people with over 400 million people logging in every day. Fit Body Boot Camp takes advantage of this by crafting unique Facebook landing pages that are great for lead generation and other marketing strategies. They have also created a Facebook pay-per-click system that mitigates the cost of their portion of the Facebook marketing. This means that Fit Body Boot Camp franchisees are only paying for those leads that are actually generated. It is an unmatched marketing program for a boot camp franchise.

The marketing continues to custom crafted landing pages for the website of the local FBBC center. This is also based on Google’s pay per click results. This type of payment system is really one of the better features of the marketing support provided by Fit Body Boot Camp. With a payment system that involves pay-per-click the franchisee knows that they are only paying for products that are actually working. The best part about this system is that FBBC designs it with the individual marketing budget in mind.


The level of support provided by Fit Body Boot Camp to their franchisees is amazing. The support extends too many areasfitbody boot camp best fitness boot camp franchise that other boot camp franchises simply don’t cover. It is essential that new businessmen and women have the proper support network. Another way that FBBC provides the right type of support is by providing the franchisee with the operations policies and procedures. These are important elements in the functioning of any business. This standardized practice of giving the policies and procedures clears up any type of confusion and ensures that the franchisee is supported in all aspects of operations.

Consumer Satisfaction

There are a few reasons that Fit Body Boot Camp stands out in the eyes of the consumer. The number one reason is that these classes are held inside a facility. The stand-alone facility that has become the signature of the FBBC model provides two things that other boot camps simply can’t offer: branding and environmental control.

The branding of a new fitness product is essential to the survival of that product. The same is true of a new boot camp franchise. The stand-alone facility lends credit to the reputation of the boot camp. Not only is the credibility of the boot camp increased but the brand image is easier to enforce. Customers like being part of the FBBC family because of the branding potential that the stand-alone facility offers.

Many boot camps are run either out of a leased space from a gymnastic center or out of local parks and recreations areas. The problem with this is there is little that the franchisee can do about the environment. This is especially true with those models that advocate outdoor training. Most clients are not going to show up to train in the snow, in subfreezing temperatures. Likewise in extreme heat situations heat injuries can become a liability. Fit Body Boot Camp recognized the need for year round business and the protection from liability issues. This is why they instituted their stand-alone facility. The maximum potential for year round profit with limited liability issues due to the ability to control the environment.

All of these reasons provide the resounding explanation of why Fit Body Boot Camp is the number one boot camp franchise.