And The Fitness Business Summit 11 VIP Winner is

Each year I give out a scholarship to a fitness trainer to
come to Fitness Business Summit where they get the
VIP all access pass to the entire weekend, plus bonus
sessions and workshops and free hotel stay.

I call it the “FBS VIP Hook Up” (crafty name, right?)

Last week I put out a blog post letting everyone know that

they could apply for the scholarship and over 110 people applied.

I should say that choosing the winner was a difficult task
and that I spent a couple hours selecting the winner.

Before I announce who wins the FBS11 VIP hook up I
want to impresses up you that even if you don’t win, even
if you’re strapped for money, and even if you think you
you’ve tried everything to make your personal training
or boot camp business work – I WANT YOU TO COME

Seriously, if you have to beg, borrow or steal to get to
FBS, do it, becuase I promise you that it’s the fork in the
road for you, choosing to come to FBS11 or not will ultimately
be the decision that changes the course of your business
or keeps it the same as it is today… or worse, your business
may crumble completely.

Later this week the Registration page for FBS11 will go live
and as always, those who take action quickly will register
at a discount price AND get extra bonus workshops and


So without further ado I have chosen the winner. What’s even
funnier about this whole thing is that she actually posted a funny
picture on my Facebook wall… here it is:

But it wasn’t the funny picture that got her to win. It was her
burning desire to succeed and you could clearly read it in her
post when she applied.

CONGRATULATIONS Lauren Partlan! You won the FBS 11
VIP hook up with ALL ACCESS pass to every presentation (even
bonus workshops), hotel stay, and 20 minutes of coaching with me
at FBS.

Bryn or Marilyn will contact you to get you all set up 🙂

And for everyone else who applied… thank you do much! Like
I said, right now you’re at a fork in the road and your decision to
come to FBS 11 will be the single deciding factor whether your
business easily succeeds or if the next 12 months are going to be
just like the last 12 months for you.