From $100K Year to $2Million a Year

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here,

This dude shows up to the airport everytime I fly into vegas. I think he's trying to "pick me up".

Here’s a blog post from one of my top students Cabel McElderry, who I met at Fitness Business Summit 07 when he was making under $100K a year and after joining my coaching, and now my mastermind program he’s making over 2 MILLION dollars a year (in less than 36 months).

Take it away Cabel!

Hey there this is Cabel from Bedros asked if I’d be willing to share the dirty details of my new “Sponsor the Community” program which is essentially stealth mode for positioning your lead boxes and building a raving fan base in other businesses.

Before I do that though I have to give some major props to B, you see I am pretty much his biggest fan up here in Canadia. It’s no secret if you’ve met me at FBS that back in 2007 I pretty much rolled change to afford to get down to Anaheim to find out who the heck this Bedros guy was and why his stuff seemed so compelling.

I don’t know why he tolerated me arguing with him all weekend about why it wouldn’t work and how his coaching wouldn’t work for a trainer like me.. but I am sure glad he did, because now, three years later I’ve opened my 7 figure studio, renovated it 3 times, built two houses (after qualifying for our first on my wife’s income only in 2005), and started my own marketing coaching group.

The inspiration for all of this is has undoubtedly been Bedros and his mastermind group which I still belong to even though I’m making over two million a year with my personal training business.

The collective value, camaraderie, reassurance, affirmations, cutting edge marketing, systemizing, out sourcing and the support of being within his network has easily been worth 10s of times the value of any coaching fees (in fact they are more like commitment initiation fees to yourself to see if you are really ready to take action on your dreams.)

So it’s really because of the law of reciprocity and the value Bedros and the mastermind has given me I feel like I owe it to him and all of you to share this idea to help you grow your business. I hope you find it useful, but just remember Canadia is mine! 😉 Peace fitness superstars!

Here are the exact details and instructions I drafted for my program manager at One-to-1 Fitness for our “Sponsor the Community” program:

1) Target 1-3 businesses per month based on the amount of leads you are hoping to generate.

2) Make an appointment or go to see the store owner/manager.

3) Introduce yourself and ask for a few minutes to explain why we have selected to sponsor them and how this can actually increase the sales of their business. Businesses should cater to people in our demographic or provide a social vehicle to increase our brand. (ie. Hair salons, estheticians, massage therapists, cosmetic medical centres, fitness equip and clothing stores, health food stores, chiropractors.)

Hi I am ______ from One-to- 1 Fitness, we have a very special program where we sponsor and support great businesses in our community, this month we have selected yours this month. Only a couple businesses are selected, can I explain what this means for you and your business? I only need 2-5 minutes.

We selected your business because we often ask our customers who else they deal with in Red Deer, we’ve learned that our customers are your customers and they are saying great things about you. We would like to give you and your whole team one month of free personal training through our FIT Camp program at One-to-1 Fitness, it’s a $197 value/person and there are no strings attached.

We feel it’s really important to build relationships with other great businesses in the community, we want to get our whole community in great shape. Because people are saying such great things about you we know that if you like what we do that you will probably tell others. In fact we want to make it easy for you so we have come up with 2 ways we can actually help you grow your business.

A)     We all know how valuable customers are, we’ve learned that there are two key ways to make your customers super loyal and get them referring all their friends to you: amazing service and added value. How valued would your customer feel if you gave them an additional $200 value on their next purchase? (Explain the free certificates, I think we could/should even go so far as buying them thank you cards to go with and explaining the importance of a written thank you card with the addition of the certificate.)

B)     How would your team like a way to leverage their time and make more money that won’t cost you a cent? Our second version of this program is we’ve prepared discount certificates; we’ve set them at a price point for super high value to make them easy to sell. (This can be modified however they choose though.) All revenue generated by selling certificates is kept by the business or divided to your team any way you see fit.

These programs can run individually or side by side.

4) Explain any details they need to know, certificates just need to be redeemed at One-to-1 Fitness.

5) Over the course of the month make sure to call the business owner each week to see how they are doing, follow up on their training progress, how they are enjoying the program, just make sure they are really valued.

6) If not in the first meeting then in the second week also talk to them about the value of marketing to our customers. See if they are willing to provide a high value item or service trial of a similar nature that we can provide to our clients. Also offer the opportunity for them to appear on our website in our magazine, all at no charge. The high value items are of the most interest for us.

7) About the end of the second week, also talk to them about adding the lead box at their facility (you might even mention this at the first visit but be careful asking for too much will squash the whole thing.) let’s even give them an offer like if they get 200 names per month in the draw box all the staff will get the next month free also.

And that’s my secret for getting other businesses to become raving fans, get you tons of clients and help you build your email list. It’s just one of the ways I took my business from under $100K year to over $2,000,000 (million) a year in less than 36 months.

Thanks for all the coaching and support Bedros!

Bedros here again,

Since the last couple posts we’ve been getting a TON of emails, facebook messages and calls to HQ asking about how you can sign up for my 21 Day Fitness Business Make Over Mastermind weekend.  Hold your horses… I’ll have more info soon, but what I can tell you know is that It’s going to cost you under $2,000 (this is a killer deal since my mastermind clients pay $12K to $15K year), I’ll be hosting two of these masterminds here at the Keuilian HQ and I’m only accepting six trainers per meeting, and these are the two dates they’re set for: January 14-15 and January 21-22.

Oh… and after the weekend of masterminding you’ll have access to me for a full 21 days via phone and email to put everything I teach you and give you into action – talk about accountability and fast results!

Like I said, more details coming soon 🙂

Leave a comment below and let me know why you think you deserve to be considered for the 21 Day Fitness Business Makeover.