How Bedros Keuilian Saved My Life

I’m not much on self puffery…  Just not my thing.  And I hate “flashing”. I’ve always found that the people who flash and flaunt the most are usually the ones who are dead broke, full of shit, and have no clue what they’re talking about.

I’d rather let the success of the fitness trainer’s who’s lives I’ve changed speak for me. And that’s what this blog post is all about. Ans Since I my mastermind clients Rob King sent me the unsolicited blog post below, I thought now would be a good time to showcase what a bad ass I am 😉

How’s that for self puffery? Ha!

Sure when I was training, I owned multiple fitness studios that have earned me multiple six figures.

And since 2002 I’ve helped thousands of fitness professional from all over the world grow their businesses, make more money, and get more freedom.

In fact here are some text messages I’ve gotten from a few of my coaching clients recently just to give you an idea…

$19,000 in new personal training sales in one day. And over $32,000 in new PT sales in two days.

“Killing it with his studio – – even in “this” economy.

$3,700, then $5,500, then $8,200 from his new studio… again in ‘THIS” economy!

First $10K month and on pace for $12K for next month…

He was making $3k a month working for “the man” to $9K a month working for himself…

In fact, I’ve created more multiple six and seven figure producing fitness trainers than all the other self-proclaimed industry “gurus” combined.

I’ve changed the fitness industry landscape COMPLETELY by creating technology like FitPro Newsletter and Hitech Trainer. And when IDEA and the NSCA rejected my application to speak “How to grow your business and get more clients” at their anaual conferance I created my own. Maybe you’ve head of the Fitness Business Summit?

And I’ve (along with my best pal Steve Hochman) changed the fitness boot camp industry by crushing the boot camp JOB model and creating the FIRST ever boot camp BUSINESS model that’s replicate-able, practically automated, and is fast becoming a global brand – Fit Body Boot Camp. And Fit Body Boot Camp is now on pace to be 5,000 locations strong worldwide by 2014.

I guess I could go on.

But I’ll just let my coaching client Rob King take it from here…

A guest post by Rob King.

How Bedros Keuilian Saved My Life

As I write this I am in Las Vegas soon on my way to see my Favorite Band Alice In Chains, tomorrow my girlfriend & I are driving down the coast to Laguna Beach, California.

Right now my life is AWESOME!

But it wasn’t always this way, let me back track and tell you how you how Bedros Keuilian Saved My Life.

It was only a year ago that I was trapped in my business  I no longer loved my business, it had become a job.  My passion of working out and fitness that I once had I no longer loved.  It was so bad I didn’t even want to go to the gym!  The days I had to go to my Supplement Store (consider at the time I was not a personal trainer) to work I dreaded.  Deep down I wasn’t happy with myself.  My dreams of being a successful business owner had gone.  I had nothing more than a job and emptiness.  Freedom was a broken dream.
A year ago I didn’t know Bedros Keuilian was.  I attended his Fitness Info Summit only because a good friend convinced me to go, I was overdue for a vacation so I figured Orlando would be fun.  Bedros & Fitness Marketing was the furthest thing from my mind.  I thought marketing was all BS and that they were all liars.

Boy was I wrong…

Fast forward one short year later.  I have traveled all over North America, my business has tripled, I have written three books, I have met some amazing people, but the most important thing, I have MY PASSION BACK.  I owe this to Bedros.

Bedros saved my life, and here is how he did it.

·      I had lost where I was going with my business.  The walls had closed in.  I had lost direction.  Bedros showed me how to get beyond the chaos.

·      I didn’t have a business before,  I had a JOB.  Bedros showed me how to create a BUSINESS that now supports my lifestyle and is not dependent on me logging hours.  I no longer work  in my business, I work ON my business.

·      I never had confidence that I was an expert.  Bedros changed this, giving me the courage to help others and in doing so I have written 3 books and created an amazing blog.

·      I was shy, being in Bedros’ mastermind caused me to come out of shell. I no longer fear talking to people, making videos, networking.  I now have confidence.

·      But the biggest thing Bedros did was give me my life back.  My passion is back, my drive is back, I am happy, passionate, enthusiastic, and I love hitting the gym… best of all I make way more money than ever before.

I want to thank you Bedros for allowing me to be myself and being the best and happiest version of me.

None of this would be possible if I hadn’t put my guard down and for that one minute.  That one minute where I decided that maybe this guy is “for real” has changed my life in just one short year.

Thank you Bedros, you saved my life.

Rob King is one hell of an action taker, a member of my Info Mastermind group, and runs a bad ass blog ( on all things muscle.

Bedros here again,

A couple day’s ago I teased a new mini weekend mastermind program I’m creating and ever since I’ve been getting a ton of emails and messages from fitness pros who want to learn more about it.

I’ll have more info on my new 21 Day Fitness Business Make Over soon. But what I can tell you know is that It’s going to cost you under $2,000 (this is a killer deal since my mastermind clients pay $12K to $15K year) and I’ll be hosting two of these masterminds here at the Keuilian HQ and these are the two dates they’re set for: January 14-15 and January 21-22.

Like I said, more details coming soon.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.